Sunday, July 30, 2006

[world] israel is the vanguard

This is a personal statement, devoid of linked references, devoid of attempts at intellectual cleverness, devoid of anything but a shell-shocked reaction to what is happening at this troubled time.

The Christian perspective, for all the criticism it attracts, can give you a different take. For a start, Revelations becomes relevant. Also Ephesians 6:12. Also Isaiah and Daniel. You can tear all these to shreds as you wish but if you run with these ideas for a little while and view the current events through this filter, you begin to see a whole new ball game.

Don’t get me wrong - I believe that many of the currently proposed theories hold water – as far as they go. Yes – Iran and Syria are trying to destabilize Israel. Yes, Israel is intransigent. Yes, the BBC, the FCO and the Establishment are pro-Arab. Yes, the US is supplying weapons to Israel. Yes, Hezbollah are everything which has been said about them.

I also believe, after sifting through hundreds and hundreds of documents, just letting them take me to where they led, that there is a third and even a fourth player in all this.

On the temporal level, do not discount China’s role. Just research their moves in the last year and a half – it’s easy enough to access, if you know the questions to ask.

Hence the name of my site.

Also, on the temporal side, there is not the slightest doubt in the world that the Finance is very closely interwoven into it. But it really goes without saying, doesn’t it? Where it becomes very, very interesting is when you adopt Deep Throat’s advice to Woodstein in the Watergate saga:

Follow the money.

It’s interesting, precisely because of the barriers and obstacles strewn in your path as you do this. The closer you get, the more you need to back off.

So let’s come back to Israel. Doesn’t anybody except Israel understand that, fundamentally, this thing has absolutely nothing to do with Jewish/Arab antagonism? Israel is simply the first and the last bastion against global conflagration. Do you think that if Israel goes under, if Europe fails to lift a hand, that Europe or any of the West is going to stand very much longer?

And if you think I’m referring to Islamic conquest, then you’re not piercing through to the core of this matter.


ScotsToryB said...

Well, I found you via Tim. So far so good!

Reading this between the lines stuff has never been my forte. So, a request: if I were to say "ni how" and I do see where you are going but have only looked at 1 other site dealing with the proposition, will you please write a fuller article explaining the reasoning?

I am Sir yours,


james higham said...


Shall do but have to choose my words carefully in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to it