Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday [15 to 20]

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20.  Memories

19.  Don’t miss Ian J’s three blondes joke

… in Friday [10 to 14].  Also, bumper Ian edition coming up Saturday.

18.  Phantom Digger

"The White House privately demanded Twitter ban me months before the company did so Federal officials targeted me specifically; when they met with Twitter in April 2021, "they really wanted to know about Alex Berenson" 

17.  Steve

War Room snippets - no holds barred..

‘You Have No Integrity FBI’: Seb Gorka Stands Up Against The FBI For Declaring War On America

Sam Faddis On The Actions Of FBI, DoJ: ‘These Are Not One Off Events’

Trump Attorney Christina Bobb ‘Flabbergasted’ By FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Despite Offers To Comply

Liz Yore On The FBI: They’re Not Investigating Hunter Biden But Are Going Through Melania’s Wardrobe

16.  Evets 4 and 5

15.   Coming back to Friday 14 ...

... the examples used were from real life but once we start looking at screenplays, it just reinforces it.

For example, with Peter Falk in one Columbo episode, the whole thing turned on the slightest of gestures. Near the end, he revisited the sad widow or whatever and yes, I'm well aware it was just TV but there was something nye tak about her all the same.

He made her watch a replay of the car bomb and her companion flinched a microsecond before the actual explosion.  That's all it took.

We could go back to 1915 and Richard Hannay waiting in the anteroom to see The Man.  Door opens, out comes a minister of state and for one microsecond, there was recognition of Hannay by him, then it was quickly suppressed in the man's features.  Again, that's all it took.

Message?  Don't ignore your gut instinct.  Shelve it for now, maybe, but bear it in mind later.

Francis Cabrel on Friday

There’s a curiosity with this next one.  The original version of the video, which had been up on youtube, cannot now be found, only this Muslim approved version.  I do recall now … the children were all actually French in the 80s version.

“If it's true that there are people who love each other If the children are all the same So you have to tell them It's like perfumes that we breathe Just a look Easy to do A little more love than usual”

You read into that what you will.  And his uptempo number to finish with:

Wiki on SarbicaneThe song.

This post is dedicated to Torquaymada.

Friday [10 to 14]

Afternoon all.

14.  Significant

Probably none too flattering to describe our required skills set as 'spiderlike' but why has a spider a web?  We could extend that analogy to the DNC crims as well ... setting traps.  The American Thinker blog has a bollox article full of wrong assumptions ... enemy assumptions ... and yet one thing is right ... they're definitely trying to welcome DJT to go for it, said the spider to the fly.

Switching in mid-analogy, there's a Russian word 'nye tak', literally meaning 'not so' but used more to mean 'something does not ring true here'.  Something like the spider feeling something alien landing on the gossamer thread but not quite.  But passive nonetheless.

You've seen me mention many times at that inauguration of the Donald that there was a look Ryan and Pence gave one another and I thought, allo allo allo, what's all this then?  Hardly evidence, right, unless we ferreted, but why would we have ferreted back at that time?

There was the one a decade before, called 7/7 and that vital 11 seconds ... remember that?  The member of the public reporting on soc-med that that policeman got that call to evacuate 11 seconds before the first bomb. Or WTC7 and the interview with the Dutch CD man ... he died a short while later in a crash.

Then there's Tulsi Gabbard, a wrong 'un if ever there was ... triangle sign with her hands etc.

And now another and let me tell you what I saw ... wonder how many others saw it?  At the first televised broadcast from the oval office with DJT, everyone was excited, sitting and standing.  

Not Kellyanne Conway.  If you look closely, she is casually sitting up on the chaisse longue with high heel shoes up on the fabric.  In the oval office.  Others doing that include Caroline Flint and Judi Dench in a Parkinson interview.  A dead giveaway of leftist upbringing.

Now look at this I saw on Gab earlier:
I suspect Kellyanne is and has been a DNC mole for decades ... You don't marry a guy like that idiot and not be one of them ...
Absolutely.  Zero social graces.  Small point but significant.

13.  Phantom Digger

[Maybe a second time, who knows?]

a.  Latest Trick

NEW - Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum now proposes to automate censorship of "hate speech" and "disinformation" with AI fed by "subject matter experts."

b.  Can't wait for fbi to raid Michelle Obama's closet......

12.  Evets 3

11.  Richard Coles

Tammly has me over a barrel here, not knowing of this man:
He is a frequent guest panellist on shows such as Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You? and QI. Often described as Britain's most famous vicar, Richard was the inspiration for the main character in the BBC hit comedy Rev, a programme for which he also served as consultant.
Uh huh.  I can guess what the import of Tammly's comment was.  Could you hazard a guess?

10.  Any exciting dish planned, unlike mine?

Friday [7 to 9]


9.  When the chips are down

… Tories with still a shred, a sliver, of do-right deep down, as with Darth Vader, rather than continue the bland, Woke Unipartyism, will vote for the actual Englishman or if one’s not available, an actual Englishwoman, even if she’s a cheater in the marital home and a globo of the worst kind.

Unfortunately, that also cuts out Kemi-sarbi … she has the personal qualities but was a bit too young.  So it’s pretty clear who’s PM.  Yesterday, my mate and I tried to discuss UK politics … it was so bleedin’ boring, we just couldna.

8.  The BBC are out and out globo liars

THE BBC has a Climate Disinformation Unit. Perhaps it should focus on some of the BBC’s own output! Last month BBC News grandly declared that it has been the driest start to the year in England since 1976, based on figures to the end of June. The figures, they say, came from the Met Office.
A quick check of the Met Office’s data, however, shows the claim is fake; both 1996 and 2010 had drier starts to the year.
7.  There’s a report at Breitbart

… which triggered a response from a female of our species … she employed a noun for when one is pushing this sort of thing.  It starts with fa, has some ggs in there and ends with y.  I’ve never used the term and please don’t in comments as it won’t get through.

However, it is indicative of the depth of feeling in society on everything from Floyd to trannies. As we know full well, all these activists on the sickening side of politics have the State’s big stick on their side and they’re not reticent in using it on those who don’t appreciate society’s wrecking balls.

L'été en Provence

This is curious for a few reasons. At first glance and hearing, she’s French, she’s en Provence, what’s the big deal?

It’s this … she’s not Provençale, being native to un des quartiers parisiens. In short, she’s a carpetbagger, mixing in some American history.  She’s come down to an area of France which is quite pleasant near the sea and she is reporting on her exploration of the area.

In other words, our own reader contributors over there could lay more claim to the area than she can.  Her accent for a start is not southern like, for example, a Francis Cabrel.

Still, she does fairly well I should have thought but maybe our chaps Provençales can enlighten us on that. Interesting:

Friday [2 to 6]

Morning all.

6.  Vox quotes a mid-western doctor

Each of the candidate vaccines I was able to identify worked in a similar manner: they carried an antigen that was similar to a protein necessary for fertilization or pregnancy, and thus created an autoimmune response that impaired fertility.

There are basically two ways this can be done. The first is to produce the needed antigen and mix it with an immunostimulatory adjuvant. The second is to genetically engineer an infectious organism that has the antigen within it, and as with rheumatic fever, the damage to fertility will occur because the immune system is programmed to fight this pathogen.

5.  Daily Sceptic

Denmark Ends Vaccination For Under-50s as it Shifts to Treating Covid Like Flu

4.  Evets 2

a.  [The] Ukraine:

War in Ukraine: Who are the Winners and Losers?

b.  Poland Could 'Unseat' Ursula Von Der Leyen! Russia Calls UN Council Meeting Over Nuclear Fears

c.  Have You Any Idea How Your Carbon Footprint 👣 And Your Carbon Wallet Are Really Going To Work In This Dystopian World The WEF Have Planned?

d.  The Great Global Warming Swindle (Documentary)

e.  The Scientific Method: Then and Now

3.  Woodsy

I wonder, is this fearmongering or our future?

2.  Phantom Digger

David Ferriero was the National Archivist who referred Trump to the DOJ. He was appointed by Obama and said this to Joe Biden when he announced his resignation that took place in April, 2022:

"So the same guy who “blew the whistle” on Trump for “stealing boxes” leading to the Mar-a-Lago raid (David Ferriero) was sued in 2015 for failing to preserve Hillary Clinton’s emails."