Thursday, April 08, 2021

Thursday too

6.  Handling of our own information here

The numbering of points of interest seems fine, less so is them being lost in day after day of Thursday too, Still Thursday etc., each post shortened behind a Read more, each page leading to Older posts.

The only way, apart from going back through the blog manually, is to put key words into the tags or labels cloud, something Julia does but I don't use.  My attempt was and still is to 'bury' the points, which inconveniences readers but not bots - so maybe back in 2006, it was not such a great idea but there it is now.

Combined with the attrition rate of various versions of N.O., that suggests it would be wise to save anything valuable  to your own usb stick as an when it is presented. Paraphrasing the words of Chuckles: "We're not immortal you know."

5.  Check of our own comments sections

#  Talking of ladies in high places, the Oz Government (Conservative) now has THREE Ministers for Women. I doubt any of them can fly an airliner. [Amfortas]

#  24 World Leaders Announce International Pandemic Treaty To Implement Great Reset Agenda [Steve] 

#  31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine [Steve]

#  The scandal of Israel’s vaccine bondage by Karen Harradine

#  [Dolores Cahill] is one of those 11,000 medical and science professionals from around the world that formed the Great Barrington Declaration and blew the whistle in the USA last year, they were promptly cancelled from social media and the MSM. 

There are many other medical professionals who have been speaking out, one of which is Mike Yeadon, who held the post of Head of Research at Pfizer for 16 years and worked with Valance at one point, who Yeadon claims, in not so many words, is a fraud. 

I would tend to agree. Here is a very good clip about the vaccines that features Cahill. Listen to her, she tells it like it is.

4.  Snippets in passing

#  Mike Pence got 4 million dollar advance from Simon and Schuster for a book deal, the same publisher who canceled Josh Hawley's book.

#  The evidence now proves that George Floyd was an addict and career criminal who died of an OD. His family is $27 million richer off the backs of taxpayers whose businesses were crushed. He was given a head of state’s funeral while your relatives died alone.

#  246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead [Epoch]

#  130 illegals surrender in Arizona.


3.  Lockdown Sceptics

According to a Telegraph exclusive, the number of people with protection either through vaccination or previous infection will hit 73.4% on April 12th – the herd immunity threshold. Sarah Knapton, the Telegraph’s Science Editor, has more.

Britain will pass the threshold for herd immunity on Monday, according to dynamic modelling by University College London (UCL), placing more pressure on the Government to move faster in releasing restrictions.

 2.  Hypotheses explaining the spike of deaths in Israel

This is one of those where, by the time it gets to the reader, has been through so many hands and all we do know is it was picked up by Anonymous Conservative and delivered here by Rossa’s mother:

It’s observing the spike in all cause mortality in Israel following the vaxx programme rollout and is just an attempt to explain what was going on:

They have a puzzling rise in “a murky wave of heart attacks.” 

One thing which seems to indicate to me they aren’t thinking things out very deeply is they inject the mRNA vaccine into the deltoid like every other vaccine. 

Why do they do that? It’s where they injected other types of vaccines. But what is the effect? Nobody has thought about it. 

They inject an mRNA into muscle cells, which get quasi-transfected with the mRNA, and begin expressing the immunogenic protein. 

That will present to the immune system, whole muscle cells which will look foreign to the immune system because of the COVID protein on their surface. 

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Wednesday evening

11.  Now that the lockdown is over

... these are the new rules of engagement:

10.  Have a feeling we saw this but here tis again

Via Ripper:

9.  Via Kassandra

From her place:

The Counter-Enlightenment

8.  We've mentioned symbolism a few times

Midweek movie

Oh ho ho, have we ever got a noir for you Wednesday evening!  

At first, last weekend when I caught sight of it, I wanted to go nowhere near it.  The film’s called Too Late for Tears, but the AKA is "Killer Bait".  I'm sure you see why.

Yet this name Lizbeth Scott - I vaguely recall her from another noir, can’t remember, started reading up on her:

... and so many RL things were happening on the same theme.

Some comments from reviews:

#  Made in 1949, this is one of those films that is a must for all noir fans. Do be warned though as this fell out of copyright some years ago and was widely duplicated – often very badly – but this is the restored version and is an absolute gem.

Still Wednesday

7.  Spars

What are we looking for in the link?  The year, the dateline of course.  Now to the cover:

2017, right?  Two years before Event 201.  DR asked us to make special note of chapters 13 and 17:

The Besler Steam Plane ... and all that jazz

AK Haart sent the video link below, commenting:

Don't know if you've seen this but it's a video showing the Besler Steam Plane to the music of Jean Goldkette and his Orchestra with Bix.

Thought whether to keep this back for Sunday evening but then thought nah, let's run it today: