Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thursday [8 to 11]

(0930) For those wondering, I’m not running a eulogy per se but shall run some Francoise this afternoon in musical form and tomorrow in a post at midday in one photo. (1113)

11.  Moosh corner

10.  DAD 

9.  IYE at 673:1

Needs to be read in situ over there.  I’ve just lifted two bits here to comment on:

8.  The three letter sites

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  1. DAD - Huge blaze in a recycling centre in NE Londonistan.

    I love these comments. Aylesbury, United Kingdom45 minutes ago

    Any lithium batteries involved?

    fedupwithinvaders, United Kingdom26 minutes ago

    If they are, will they be charged with arson?


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