Monday, June 24, 2024

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21.  Moosh corner

Just wondering why Moosh is leaning over here:

20.  Late roundup

19.  Pat and lil ole me

18.  Steve

Re-posting this as there's a massive row today on the subject of Ukraine between Nigel and Boris:

War Room Battleground: The Lies Of Think Tanks, Pentagon, And The Deep State-6/21/2024 |


  1. Evets 1

    Canadian study accusing “Disinformation Dozen” of spreading most “online anti-vaccine misinformation” refuted by Meta for fraud |

    Women’s rights are now “offensive” as TikTok bans ads for athletic wear brand promoting fairness in women’s sports |

    Big Tech partners with WEF to implement “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” scheme for world domination |

    Fourth senior Tory official investigated in UK election betting scandal – Yet Much More Looms |

    Who Needs The Fed? |

    Trump 47’s Agenda |

  2. Evets 2

    Kiev regime attacks Crimea in another terrorist incursion with US-supplied weapons |

    Russia blames US for Crimea strike. Budanov hints NATO plan. Habeck blames Russia. Boris slams Nigel - Alex Christoforou |

    Russian revenge: Large depot with NATO missiles destroyed in Odessa |

    Crimea attack, one step closer to US-Russia war - The Duran |

    New Game Changer: Russian FAB-3000 deployed en masse |

    Russian Fury ATACMS Crimea Beach Strike, Calls Russia Black Sea No Fly Zone; Dagestan Terror Attacks 9 - Alexander Mercouris |

    €800 million worth of Serbian ammunition ended up in [The] Ukraine vis third parties – FT |

    Terrorist attacks on Russian Sevastopol, ZNPP, Dagestan. Trump - Farage. Near East. EU vs China - Levan Gudadze |

  3. 19. If, as Johnson claims, that nobody poked the bear with a big stick, why did he stop the proposed agreement between Russia and Ukraine, in 2022? It was in NATO's and the EU's interests for them to move the thousands of kilometres east, proving that Bush lied when he told Gorbachev that there would be no eastward expansion. Johnson is a child of the WEF, being told what to do by the elite of Soros, Gates, Obama, and Blair, as are the leaders of the UK Labour and Tory parties. It doesn't matter who gets the keys to No 10, nothing will change. Taxes will rise, illegal immigration will rise, living standards will fall, and the elite will continue in their plans to rule the world.

    1. Bill
      Who do you think "rules the world" right now?

  4. Evets 3

    Kash Patel: Speaker Paul Ryan and His Team Rigged Our Russiagate Investigation Before He Started It |

    Top Trump DOJ Official Jeff Clark Explains Why Jack Smith’s Appointment is Unconstitutional and How He May Be Operating Outside of the Chain of Command (Video) |

    Eric Trump Discusses Ongoing Democrat Lawfare Against President Trump and What to Expect at This Week’s Debate (Video) |

    Joe Biden’s Potential Drug Cocktail Revealed and CNN Shows its True Colors (Video) |

    Former White House Physician Ronny Jackson: “I Will be Sending a Letter Demanding That Biden Submit to a Drug Test Before and After This Debate” (Video) |

  5. Evets 4

    Lindsey Graham Says Biden Could Face Criminal Charges Over Laken Riley’s Murder By Illegal Alien (Video) |

    Homelessness in Chicago Has Tripled Since 2023 as Illegal Aliens Flood City’s Shelters |

    Rep. Luna Introduces Bill for DNA Testing to Combat Child Trafficking and Fake Migrant Families at Southern Border |

    White House Visitor Logs Reveal Maryland LGBTQ Leader Who Attempted To Meet With 14-Year-Old Decoy Reportedly Visited White House Three Times, Met With Biden Special Assistant |

    Anyone surprised..

    Leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan Bans City’s Taxis From Displaying English Flags During European Football Championships |


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