Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wednesday [4 to 10]

(0646) Perspectives again, reader … first three items below are from Gab, straight to the point … counters my own flowery waffling. Then an equally organised MftWC.

10.  One from Rita downunder

9.  Holocaust

The poster is a blonde Swedish girl, one of the most gorgeous who ever glided across a lake but we must not let that cloud our judgment. My current position on the holocaust is that it happened but I’m still going to run the screenshot below which, in itself, is hardly conclusive:

Hmmmm, still reserving judgment on it. It’s a massive topic.

8.  Back to the Scots and English

Good day coming up, seems to me.

7.  MftWC too

a.  Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on May 28, 2024 (Map Update) |

b.  Lavrov & Estonia. Rafah airstrike. Szijjarto, not Hungary's war. NATO wartime ecstasy. ICC & Ursula - Alex Christoforou |

c.  Hiding behind puppet Kiev, NATO trying to inflict strategic defeat on Russia |

d.  Final Showdown of NATO and Russia, [The] Ukraine loses more, Hungary vs EU, US-Taiwan vs China, Georgia - Levan Gudadze |

e.  EU/NATO now threatening foreign leaders with ‘Fico’s fate’ |

f.  Russia Resumes Kharkov Offensive, [The] Ukraine Defences Crumble Chasov Yar, Volchansk: Companies Defy Sanctions - Alexander Mercouris |

g.  Military overview: Russian army won battle for Netailovo (Map Update, Videos) |

6.  Good to see in Ireland

Those Irish are just this side of sane would you not say? Sometimes not, ha ha. I’ve known some colleens too … sharp-tongued and off the bloody planet … feisty femmes. Well done, both.

5.  Gab boss posteth

4.  Quick skim down X and Gab just now

… to see if there’s anything on the Donald behind bars … seems not to be … lots of gals with their fairies etc. 🍿🍿🍿


  1. When Them forbid us to discuss a subject under penalty of imprisonment then that subject should be questioned. Robert (Christian name) Faurisson (Surname) blueprints (diagrams) search using none of the usual search engines. Compare carefully with the chambers used in x e cution s in the nation of Uncle Sam.

    Cryptic One

    1. Going to run that as part of the next long post on X (coming up).

  2. Steve

    6. Good to see in Ireland

    The Irish have seen the future and understand that they're not part of it. Small country with a small population and just like Sweden a fifth now is foreign so it doesn't take long. With the numbers coming in folk can see what Sinn Féin is doing is nothing to do with independence and everything to do with the ethnocide of their own people. It's happening everywhere: no homelands for whitey.


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