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(0600) Greetings all on this half and half sky morn out there, after a fab sleep for me, maybe not great for others. Every so often, we need to superzonk if we have a chance … today’s a scheduled work day for me, so let’s get started. (0644)

3.  Housekeeping and ramble

a.  There are certain groups all officially getting a say in the two N.O. venues, leaving aside OoL and Jstack for now.  They are ggl, wpress, BT, ipad, microsoft, local area thingies, e.g. cables, roadwork (constant), geo-position … plus those who have privately hacked me, inc. friends … then X and Gab themselves, plus their own ideas of good and bad. And don’t forget letter agencies such as GCHQ.

Thus to blame specifically one or the other, when all are involved at some stage or other, is beyond my expertise grade and I don’t bother. Suffice it to say that DAD may have been hit by any one of these, or by his own draconian French Micron mayhem. Dgr and he certainly get it in the neck.

My attitude is that it is what it is … even if ML (machine learning) alone is to blame, i.e. it’s not some little Woke left apparatchik personally doing it to us but an algorithm or bot.  There’s not a lot we can do. 

It amuses to see some people say … well that’s it, I’m leaving Britain, America, wherever. Yeah? And where will you go? The Communist EU, Communist Aus or NZ? Castro’s and Freeland’s Canada?  Communist China? Russia? Netting Yahoo’s Rothschild Israel? Deathcult countries?

There are two aspects of what, imho, is the best respinse and they are first of all as much patience as the enemy, stymying them along the way … plus being ready to go for the jugular at any moment, i.e. being aware in a half bemused way, e.g. DeN being chased to his car.

And now the Trump incarceration thing … I’ve not checked yet, as I’m writing to you, but shall soon.

b.  Yesterday for me. I have a lot of trouble sorting out so many generations families have. I was at a funeral for the matriarch and I realised I was slightly older than the new patriarch and found myself getting along best with them and with the generation next after that, but with almost nothing with the one after that. One thing also so noticeable was how thin on the ground were the matriarch’s own generation. Yikes … I’m next.  Thinking on’t.

Here at N.O., it’s similar … just a few wartime patrons, most are from my lot, there are plenty in 50s and 60s, a smattering of younger then, inc. X, a smattering of very young indeed, often away with the fairies and in other countries … no less real for a’ that … if she personally writes, she’s human.

And dividing by sex, not generation … I for one get so much from being with the guys and that no nonsense, can’t get away with any BS approach … that keeps me this side of the sane line … but the gals are just as important in their own way … we have two visible females at N.O. who are mainly family oriented, I have other friends at the NHS course, real friends, plus X and Gab, and close to the too of the list … my psrtner at OoL.

In short, it’s hugely rewarding. Going to quote Toodles on yesterday’s doings for me … “Congratulations! It is done!!!  You are on the side of the occasion that becomes smaller as you peer into your rearview mirror.” Those sorts of things mean much to me … just a different perspective through a female psyche which, together with the male perspective, is more balanced … it allows me to see things more calmly.

Yesterday I came back with a regular driver who’s quite a local lad … another grounding perspective … we, all of us, need perspectives. Nit saying we won’t trip up but it does help.

2.  DAD at NOWP

[DAD -The children have been playing about with the site – again. I hope that this comes out in a readable form.]

a) Santiago Abascal is the leader of the anti-immigration Vox party in Spain. The following video shows Mr. Abascal on the floor of Parliament upbraiding Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for his recent decision to recognize a Palestinian state.

b) Eight million first asylum applications were registered in the EU between 2013 and 2023, including 1 million in France alone. We must take stock of what such a volume represents: in demographic terms, these cumulative flows are equivalent to the admission by the EU of a new Member State, entirely composed of asylum seekers, which would be the fifteenth by the size of its population – immediately after Austria and before Bulgaria. 

The granting of asylum to applicants is certainly not systematic, but the removal of rejected applicants constitutes a major point of difficulty in most countries – in France for example: according to the Court of Auditors in 2015, 96% of refused asylum remained in the country after their application was rejected. 

Nicolas Pouvreau-Monti : «En dix ans, l’UE a admis l’équivalent d’un nouvel État membre entièrement composé de demandeurs d’asile»

c) The EU has announced a guiding framework that will make it possible to set up what the bloc calls “Hybrid Rapid Response Teams” which will be “drawing on relevant sectoral national and EU civilian and military expertise.”

These teams will be created and then deployed to counter “disinformation” throughout the 27 member countries – but also to what Brussels calls partner countries. And Ireland might become an “early adopter.”

d) The U.S.-built temporary pier that has been taking humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians for less than two weeks will be removed from the coast of Gaza to be repaired after getting damaged in rough seas and weather, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is dead and the amended IHR has been all but neutralised |

b.  Italian MEP’s Husband Found Strangled – Was She Targeted for her Pro-Russian, Anti-Plandemic Views? |

c.  Empower your kids with understanding: introducing the CO2 Learning Center |

d.  CEO Of Russia’s 2nd Largest Bank: “US Is Headed For A Serious Economic Crisis” |

e.  A Final Indignity To The Arsenal Of Democracy? |

f.  The Plan to Convict Trump |

g.  Illegal aliens secretly surveilling US special forces operators on American soil |

h.  For Memorial Day, Imagine Speaking To Those We Once Honored, Like These… |

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