Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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(0234) Predictable waking at this time, good sleep though, probably need a second, how are you managing, sleepwise? (0313) Best get some sleep, I have a visitor middle of the day, plus a delivery. Back around 7 a.m. (0314)

3.  After seeing some more from this lady

… wwweeelllll … it is what it is. Snippets she mentions were she was in Katrina, brother a bad ’un, jailbird, is more straightheaded now, 32, some interesting things, repeats herself and takes ages to get to the point. 

Doesn’t dress as a beauty queen, a bit rough round the edges, quite straight on most things … she’s as good as older millennials or Gen X would get today, now out of the dating pool. Says she was never Tinder or those sorts of places, I can believe it from her talking points in this one below, has that annoying sponsor thing for two minutes in one of the vlogs, not this one.

Almost always anti current women’s behaviour, e.g. this Tomi Lahren who makes out she’s conservative but has men in every city, then blames men in general for her instability, plus her gfs do too … this gal here says maybe Tomi L will one day wake up that the problem is closer to home. Trash of a feather flocks together is my paraphrasing of her remarks on the Lahrens of the world today.

In this video though, it’s men’s turn. Watch out for baby mama drama (explained in one of the comments), too much social media of the personal kind, unaware of world event realities, is a player, always sweet-talking women, is a jailbird. Her brother is one, will never be straight … not some yoof-ful shenanigans but a perma-lag. Usual things in a man to avoid.

As for women … avoid designer-label, high gloss, manicured females … basic red flags for men to see. Any female who’ll one night stand … again, the usual things to avoid. 

2.  Man from the West Country one

a.  A Population Control Plan? |

b.  German Interior Minister places responsibility for political violence with the AfD |

c.  White ethnicities are being replaced |

d.  Plausible Deniability Run Amok |

e.  How Lawfare Turned Trump Into A Superhero |

1.  Not a lot to add to this

When I’d visit my parents downunder, it would be Singapore or Garuda, once Gulf on that leg, then usually Qantas from there. Never experienced that sort of turbulence on that leg but did quite a bit over Oz itself, inc. a ten thou foot drop once. After that, I switched to the long way across the US and via NZ. Still turbulent across the Tasman Sea but not as sudden, more constant buffeting.

The man who died … 73, no seatbelt on, heart issues. Happens.

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