Monday, May 20, 2024

Try these

Imagine that these are book titles below. Who might have written it in each case?

  1. College records
  2. Life as a 43% Nigerian
  3. Proud to be WEF … Never WEF
  4. Censorship Czar Downunder (author J.I.G.)
  5. Iran Can Be Mountainous
  6. Daughter on the Take
  7. Fun in the South Bronx

All three right. Just n6 and n7 to go at 1721 … n7 is a political campaigner when he gets the chance. N6 is daughter of a judge giving n7 a hard time.


  1. Forgot
    4. Julia Inman Grant. Inman eh, she's freee! We ain't.

  2. 4 and 5 are good, Andy ... 2 is female, one half of a comedy team.

  3. Yeah, i realised afterwards that Baz is 99% Keyan.

  4. Ozgrumpy
    2. Wife of the prince formerly known as Harry

  5. Ozgrumpy
    #3 Tulsi Gabbard
    #6 Judge in The Don’s trial. Merchan?

  6. All good. Yes, it was that judge and daughter … I too have forgotten the name, there are so many of the crims.

  7. I always seem to recall the song from the Wicker Man (The Landlord's daughter - to the words of 'The Jud-ge's daughter') whenever I see mention of the Merchan family.


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