Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sun-mat too

In the era of early James Bond, the Americans, naturally, strike back.  

(Jazz will be at 1630 and is, I warn the reader, two old Tuba Skinnies and one Avalon we've had a few times.)


OK, in retrospect, we should all know that 1960s espionage was all about cool dudes battling evil, and attracting hot babes in the process (though the latter often overshadowed the former, as Austin Powers showed). "Our Man Flint" is no exception. 

I will say that Derek Flint (James Coburn) isn't exactly James Bond, but he has his merits. The movie mostly seems like an excuse to experience that ultra-cool feeling that always emanated from the spy movies of the '60s, and they achieve that.

So, even if it isn't James Bond, it's still very enjoyable. Also starring Lee J. Cobb...and a bunch of half-dressed women.

So during that era, the four most important spies were James Bond, Derek Flint, Harry Palmer and Maxwell Smart.


  1. Does Matt Helm get honorable mention?

    1. Remiss of me, m'lud ... shall track it down and run it this week if available.


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