Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday [5 to 11]

(0627) Pretty dull out there.  Bleah, we might say. Have to issue this warning, chaps and chapesses … or notice of respite, however you see it … tomorrow out there kicks off for me in the afternoon but I’m still going to have to get myself ready early … so blogging will be thin, close to skeleton, until late afternoon, regular features probably not, inc. baroque. I can see MftWC and DAD kicking it off, who knows then?

11.  Obviously not her/his real name

Name of Olga?

(0719) Time for a break for brek.

10.  Spotlight on this guy for a few moments

Again, whom are we more likely to explore the bona fides of?

She wot?  At least it’s a “she”. She’s an MP. Some people voted that in? And of all the linned tweets she might have chosen … ?

And this lot are going to be in govt in a bit over a month?

9.  Just how old is this girl?

Hmmm, strictly speaking, older than an actual child, lumped under the title “journalist” (aren’t we all these days?) …

Why are we, when we live in England or Britain, constantly dragged back to Hamas versus Israel? What’s really going on behind the scenes?  Who’s orchestrating all this?

Sweet Georgia would know about how sane votes for 16 year olds” is as an idea though. 

8.  Love a good lass, can fall into traps

Once lasses have it sorted in their heads, they become stalwarts … a good trait.  Can be. In this case though, there is vile bloody theatre happening, orchestrated by psychos, maniacs. 

Question is … who are the maniacs … both sides? Svali said so, and she seemed to be inside. Horrendous, lost, agonising, hellish, bleak things which one side sees in microwaved babies and the other in dead Gaza children.

The maniacs at the top though totally unscathed.  See the sidebar for now.

7.  A good man, doing what he felt was right

The type upon whom nations are built, the heavy lifters, doers and makers. Respect.

6.  MftWC too

a.  Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on May 25, 2024 (Map Update) |

b.  Trump, No CBDC. Drone hits Russia nuclear radar. $320M pier breaks. Elensky, victim dictates terms - Alex Christoforou |

c.  Russian strikes destroy large ammo depot hidden in shopping center in Kharkiv |

d.  Big Russian Missile Strike; Lavrov West Desperate; Duma Russia Wants Kiev Regime Change; Yanukovich Return - Alexander Mercouris |

e.  Russian army struck 68 Ukrainian targets with Lancet loitering munitions past week (Videos) |

f.  Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation - The Duran |

g.  Russia and China have had enough |

5.  Taiwan and China

Er … yes …

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