Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday [12 to 18]

(0800) Now, finally … off to make that brekky I keep threatening to make. (0902) Things cut up, first in the oven, about halfway through preparing brek for two days. Chips are taking a very long time and think I know why … too wet, after soaking.  So still jo brek. (1002)

18.  Ian J

What else is new (p94...) The gov't resort to lying in their propaganda for renewable energy being cheap (as David Craig points out)

17.  Lucille Ball

This was before she became Someone:

Answer is yes … after she made it big and became the head of a communist cell, as did Martin Gabel, hubby of Arlene Francis.  UnAmericans but too big to touch. Another horse’s backside was Lauren Bacall, but not Bogie.

16.  A different Greta

Denile … we’ve covered … Greta is semi-good but I remember thinking she was more mainstream conservative … she keeps coming up with the goods though. I’ll explore her story later.

15.  The three letter sites

14.  Remember Laura is a colleen

A honey … but still a colleen.

13.  Denileriverafter is a lady in Bama

… one of the goodies, found on Gab.

You need only think back some years to blogger Prodicus finding the thing about Bertelsmann printing paedo leaflets to send to all German health clinics. Germany is run by sickos.

12.  Ian J

JH: Ian’s opening parag from Sunday [16 till close …]:

Have just read this incredibly arrogant article on RT. From a university don? in Africa, who should know better, but instead pushes the dependency case.

Doesn't he realise that education in the UK started out as teaching the 3Rs so that people could be more productive in a technical world, and that to 'better' themselves, ordinary people went to evening classes to learn skills to help in their employment. There were many who took day-release classes at Technical Colleges for the same reason - often taught by people working at the same jobs - all to improve their lot.

This seems to have disappeared in the 21st century, but judging from this article, it has never occured to the Africans to help themselves out of their 'poverty'.

Always, it seems to be 'Gimme this, I Want this done for me", rather than 'How can I do this?' and then they complain that what they get isn't relevant!

JH: Further down:

"Africa is yet to establish empowering education. Empowerment here refers to education that restores Africans’ self-confidence eroded by years of subjugation and humiliation under colonialism and imperialism. As such, Africa continues to struggle in manufacturing, trade, technology, and innovation since this borrowed education does not nurture critical thinking and most importantly is not anchored in Africa’s cultures and epistemologies. Thus, education in Africa reproduces an ontologically dislocated being only fit for mimicry."

JH: Reminds me a bit of:


  1. What else is new (p94...) The gov't resort to lying in their propaganda for renewable energy being cheap (as David Craig points out)

  2. Sill rubbing the sleep from my eyes I perused today's suggested articles. Imagine my joy to see the headline that the ship of state is to be discarded!

    What a pity, they are talking about some old rust bucket.

  3. Your sidebar picture? Escher's house? Doonhamer


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