Monday, May 27, 2024

Ladies at lunchtime

All are or were in the public eye ... any ideas?


  1. #1: Sharon Davies, a swimmer or athlete.
    #4 John Nettles, actor.

  2. Steve

    That be West Country girl Sharron Davies. One day she'll get the swimming gold she deserves and thus become the Olympic Champion she always was. Seems to have bonded with J K Rowling over women's rights though politically they are far apart.

  3. 4. The lady is Therisa Liotard.
    3. I did think it was that poor girl shot on film set by that actor whose name escapes me. It's not her, I did search for her and found out who she is. Won't reveal because I cheated, except to say that she could feature in Wimmin on Bikes.


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