Sunday, May 26, 2024

Expanding our Sunday repertoire

I really must broaden this segment beyond straight orchestral or classical … one obvious way is into choral or chant. 

Could we have a modern song in an old style? Let’s try:

I’ve taught many boys over time and many girls … perhaps I just wearied of this after many decades. As for boys ourselves, lesser spotted herberts that we were … not sure I want to go all the way back there but if I’m going to run male choirs today, May 26th, then that has to include boys’ choirs as well, doesn’t it?


  1. No. 1 - Non. Have they ever listened to a Gregorian chant? That is not anything like one.
    No. 2 - Oui
    No. 3 - Too muffled. They needed more recording microphones.

  2. I like no.1 very much. An updated twist on an old technique. Ta!


    1. Agreed. Perhaps I failed to explain to DAD but the group itself is called Gregorian I think. This is one of their crossover numbers. Atmospheric, I thought it and those chaps could sing.


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