Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Wednesday [17 till close of play]

(1730) Evening all.

25.  Donny wins Connecticut

Just that. Er ... and Delaware.

24.  Torquaymada

Re: J.K.Rowling….hats off I think.

23.  We’ve (nearly) all seen similar

This one’s Association:

Oz football used to be pretty spectacular before money and system became all and there’s one game where we were seated deep “in the fwd pocket” near the goalpost. It was the reserves game, not the main match. The opposition had “roosted” the ball in the howling wind towards the goal and the fullback was caught upfield a few yards of the full fwd or striker.

In Oz, it was a “lay down misere” or dead cert coming up. Now in that game, you’re allowed to be vertically up in the air to take a catch or “mark” if you can jump that high … it included leaping and resting one shin on his shoulder either from behind or whatever, so most backs played from behind or the side. It was fine as long as the eyes were on the ball and every effort was in catching said ball.

Bernard Toohey, an A player, possibly returning from injury, saw the oval ball sailing above his head and in a last ditch, ran at the f fwd, took off into the air, shin on shoulder, twisted round to face the high ball and caught it a yard from sailing through the goal. Imagine the strength in the hands and arms.

So many missed it that day, it was replayed on some TV later. I’ll look for it … almost no chance on YT.

22.  Quick quiz question

Who’s the gal singer to our right?

21.  Vox

It appears we’re going to find out. Because you know both Clown World and its pet politicians are going to be pulling out all the stops to prevent this referendum on immigration from passing:

The Swiss People’s Party submitted 114,600 signatures to the federal chancellery in Bern on Wednesday. It demands that a new article on “sustainable population development” be added to the constitution.

20.  Two more

19.  Was watching a bit of Alex Chr 

… and he mentions a drone attack on a drone factory in my old town maybe. If so, I’m thinking it might be the old helicopter factory repurposed. Don’t know.

18.  Andy

In addition to the above we can read about fake egg whites. A start-up company has developed a fungus grown alternative. I'm sure that they will not lack customers among the major food processing corporations. Another thing to look out for when reading ingredients lists.

17.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Second Class: How the Elites Betrayed America's Working Men and Women |

b.  Mike Davis: "The Criminal Defendant has The Absolute Right To Speak Out Against The Judge" |


  1. Steve

    22. Quick quiz question

    Almost forgot how good the Small Faces were. My sister's era so she had the vinyl, plus a Dansette - annoying my Dad somewhat :) The answer is P.P. Arnold.

  2. MftWC 1

    Switzerland: Legal team files updated criminal case against Swissmedic |

    The pseudoscientific drivel epidemic: a psychological warfare operation with serious side effects? |

    The Deterioration of Our Blood |

    The Rockefellers’ long-standing battle with the climate change cult is not what it seems |

    Ford drastically cuts EV factory workforce as electric car sales plummet |

  3. MftWC 2

    Elon Musk accuses Democrats of ‘importing voters’ |

    The plot to rig the 2024 election by instantly legalizing millions of illegals who invaded America |

    The Hidden Cost Of The Border Crisis Nobody Tells You About |

    Leo Varadkar’s deputy, Simon Coveney, steps down from cabinet |

    Fact Check: Most US slave owners, 78%, were J**ish |

  4. MftWC 3

    Thousands of Russians enlisted in military service to avenge [The] Ukraine for Crocus attack |

    Stoltenberg $100B Trump proof NATO. Johnson, $8B REPO Act. Olympics spy on Russia. Scotland hate law - Alex Christoforou |

    Russian army pushed Donbass frontlines to the west |

    Cruel month of March for [The] Ukraine. Robots enter war - The Duran |

    US supplied Ukrainians with radiologically contaminated M2 Bradley vehicles Beregini |

    [The] Ukraine's colossal losses, another $100 billion for Kyiv, China vs USA, Taiwan, AUKUS, Banks - Levan Gudadze |

    Kiev regime using religious icons to infiltrate bombs in Russia |

    [The] Ukraine can’t win on the Battlefield, Military Intelligence Admits - Levan Gudadze |

    Kuleba urges India to end its “Soviet legacy” of close ties with Moscow |

  5. MftWC 4

    Trump Wins Republican Primary Races in New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Wisconsin and Connecticut |

    Catholic Nun Mother Miriam Calls Joe Biden “Inept and Evil” — Says “It Will Be an Act of God” to Elect Trump (Video) |

    Jesse Watters Reveals the Multi-Million Dollar Perks Going to Judge Merchan’s Family for Taking Trump to Court in Bogus Hush Money Case (Video) |

    Underlying Accounting Activities in DA Bragg Case Are Not Crimes – There Are No Crimes, Not Even Adjusting Entries! |

    Jack Smith Issues Veiled Threat to Judge Cannon Over Her Jury Instructions in Trump Classified Docs Case |

    Record Shows Voter Registration Without Photo ID Surges in Three Key Swing States: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas |

    Wisconsin Voters Approve Ban on Private Money Support for Elections – Bye-Bye, Zuckerbucks! |

    Lauren Boebert Undergoes Emergency Surgery, is Diagnosed with Rare and Potentially-Life Threatening Disorder — GOP Majority in House at Risk |

  6. MftWC 5

    Tucker Carlson’s Prep School Won’t Allow Him to Speak on Campus Because ‘People Could be Killed’ (Video) |

    Oregon’s Democrat Governor Signs Bill Recriminalizing Hard Drugs After Record Overdose Deaths |

    US Army and Air Force Call on Retirees to Return to Active Duty Amid Recruiting Shortages |

    After the End of His Constitutional Mandate, Ukraine’s Zelensky Finally Signs Into Law the Bill Lowering Military Mobilization Age From 27 to 25 Years-Old |

    Bill Gates Sponsoring Lessons in How to Cleanse Math of ‘White Supremacy’ |

    Louisiana Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Block Control of UN, WHO, and WEF in the State |

    CDC Issues Alert After Invasive and Deadly Meningococcal Disease Rates Soar in US |

    Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent” |


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