Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Wednesday [14 to 16]


16.  Housekeeping

I have to vigorously underscore Toodles’s earlier comment about Ripper and how nice it was seeing his constructions but also yours … to my mind, these things make the site more bearable with all the bad news about … nice to see Ripper hard at it too.

15.  Isilme

One of the family has a birthday coming up on Sunday, so I have finished their birthday card well in advance (for me - usually I'm making a card in a last-minute panic). I didn't do the drawing - that's a rubber stamped image - but I coloured it in, and I made the background effect.

My plan is to make several more cards so that I have them ready. But, then, I always plan that and have yet to get organised enough to do it.

14.  Afternoon roundup

a.  Keeping a close eye on this … as to whether the morphine does the job:

b.  Questions to which the answer these days must be no:

c.  Deportation of the deathculters involved … or execution?

d.  🍿🍿🍿

e.  Pollies desperate to show it warrnt them, guv:

f.  Biden’s time is coming, plus Obama and Harris:

g.  Well this is something at least:


  1. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    Second Class: How the Elites Betrayed America's Working Men and Women |

    Mike Davis: "The Criminal Defendant has The Absolute Right To Speak Out Against The Judge" |

  2. Toddles~
    When it rains it pours. The Toodles rain storm will soon cease! ☔️ .

    16. Nice paint wash on the card ..the rest too.
    I am the worst with cards. Whether I buy or make one invariably I lose the matching envelope when I need it or it has stuck to itself. Buying ahead presents its own problems. Lotta of good that did me to have no decent envelope !

    After finally getting to the point of signing the thing having gone through much consternation finding the matching envelope and unsticking without tearing flap, and after finally finding a pen that writes…it just might blob on to the card or I misspell my name! If that happens to a homemade one it is the worst!

    Do not allow me near your card before sent. It would be a shame for it to become ink blobbed or have a coffee stain on it.

    Usually occurs because I put off getting card out until walking out the door.. In my head I think I have it all together THIS time. Then I end up rushing around with Cuddles looking as if he is thinking, Again? I should know by now that hasty makes wasty!

    It is lovely and cheery card!


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