Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Wednesday [11 to 13]

(1108) Back early, chaps and chapesses, wandered all over town, lonely as a cloud that floats on high and many things … well I did spy. Medical things were a battery of tests so will only know in due course.

Stopped into ASDA and bought wine, offered some to the nurse but she said let’s get the tests done first.

Dropped into the bank and it wasn’t as dire as I thought … they’ve upped the cash limit in fact. No more the passbook though. 

One of the cab drivers was a local man, knows me, the question of deathcult drivers came up. He was staunch Labour, now voting Reform … in-ter-es-ting. This is a straight Labour area.

Looked at all the old haunts … many shut down now, some still around. So … back in action, folks.

13.  Andy

Neil McCoy-Ward has this to say about a report on the future of food from Sainsbury's.

12.  IYE

11.  Look at the second clause below

… does it make sense to you?

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  1. Toodles~
    Still sprinkling…

    11. Good d___grief!!!!

    Now….⛈️⚡️ 🌩️⚡️⛈️


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