Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Wednesday [1 to 4]

(0500) As mentioned yesterday, readers, from 0900 to 1300 here today is going to be pretty unreliable, which includes clicking through comments. You have a good midweek. (0500)

4.  Some other matters

a.  Another reason not to certify:

That Kanekoa had no embedded link. To find, type up to /status. 

b.  This below ... note the weasel words of McVey ... an old ploy:

c.  Just one of various accounts coming in of the 7.5 in Taiwan, also receding water on Japan's coastline:

d.  Response to the LSU non appearance for the anthem.

e.  Plus a US school district has issued a teacher guide how to teach Gender Queer:

3.  McKinsey, which led eventually to DEI, was bogus

2.  Andy at NOWP

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  C**id Was A Lie, An Illusion Created by Government to Take Complete Control’ & ‘The Penny Is Dropping Everywhere!’ |

b.  German Government Documents Obtained Under Court Order Reveal C**id Crisis Political Manipulation |

c.  Pfizer’s criminal record invalidates pharmaceutical giant as fraudulent corporation peddling deadly snake oil |

d.  Heart scarring detected more than a year after C*ID-19 vaccination in some patients |

e.  Climate alarmists are warned that banks won’t play their part in “net zero” commitments |

f.  Biden Reportedly Has No Idea He Issued ‘Trans Day Of Visibility’ Proclamation |

g.  22% of Population of Ireland Born Overseas, New Figures Show |

h.  Israeli airstrike ‘flattens’ Iranian consulate in Damascus |


  1. Toodles~
    So much to comment on but will stick to one thing….for now.

    f. If Biden has no idea he issued the TDOV Proclamation then does it count?
    🤔 💭 just wondering here…I mean if he was not aware and dare I say, incompetent, then does anything he may have signed even count? Putting his X, his John Hancock all over the place and not even aware… does it become null and void?

    And really going out on a limb here…let’s say…ummm… just saying…throwing it out there….ummmm, well….if someone was pretending to be in a position of authority but really was not supposed to be in that position of authority then does anything that person may have signed even count? Isn’t it all just a pretend thing?
    I am just asking in case it ever really happened.

    1. I would suggest that Biden was chosen as a figurehead for Obama's third term of office. Most of the WH staff are ex-Obama staff, and who is better than an ancient, senile, incompetent, to be a figurehead for his master. If it all goes toys up, then it will be Biden, and not Obama, who will take the fall.
      The 4th term of office will begin when Michael, sorry, Michelle, is nominated and cheats his/her way to the Oval Office.

    2. Toodles~
      Penseivat! Gotcha on all of that. No disagreement there. I am wondering if Big M would rather sit upon the throne behind the curtains again. Invisible like.. The Wizard of Oz type thing.

      My question here is this…Should it be ‘proven’ that a certain ‘someones’ cheated themselves into position could or would that make bills, statutes, decrees and or proclamations non-binding?

      Of course if that happens how far back can we go unbinding possible non-binding situations?🫢


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