Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday [18 till close of play]

[1730] I find myself in a bind here … multiple items but only one [Sun 18] which I can post. Neil O’s first is a general rant about things, the second mentions Pfizer but says one minute’s worth of info in 18 minutes … plus it shut me out of ggl.

Andy’s can’t be run because there’s no indication what it’s about, plus it’s BBC. Which immediately means I also can’t transfer IYE’s from NOWP … also BBC.  You see, for me to transfer, I first have to see, but I refuse to look at the BBC.

All items are still there in comments at both places, should you wish.

22.  Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

Thanks, FoS:

It's annoyingly out of shot with Bordeaux, such that ggl removes it if you zoom out one more step. Look for Park naturel ... du Quercy on the right of pic ... where the "Qu" is ... that's the place.

I skirted right around it ... went south from St Malo to Bordeaux, stayed overnight, took a first class sleeper to Madrid.  From Madrid, went to Narbonne with a Spanish girl, I stayed, she went, I went to Avignon, then to Firenze, met up with her again, went to Rome, then north to Rovaniemi, across to Bergen, back to Blighty. Vague recollection of a trip through Switzerland but that may have been another time ... Thonon les Bains came into it.

21.  The problem I have with MM’s take

MM is the one linked to at NOWP and I’m going to say, up front, that there is much to recommend it but the manner is unfortunate. Someone telling me he’s going to give me the facts, not the theories is ok if he does but then you wait for facts and they’re still possible scenarios.

I have a problem with someone alpha-ing me with “this is a fact”. Yes? On whose say-so? MM himself of course. The manner, you see, militates against trust. That might be a double-edged sword … someone spinning a tale might adopt a more persuasive, oily manner.

Here’s MM near the beginning:

Then he redeems himself with some very telling, well thought out points:

That rings true, does it not? And in 2024 terms, with what we’ve seen of late, it really does look Kabuki Theatre, the entire thing. Now a checkable fact:

That much is corroborated - it’s only the word “illegal” at issue … illegal where? City, State? Federally? Moving on:

We’re going to need corroboration that Walton did say that.  Plus Jackie. Don’t get me wrong … I do think it stank, and for the reasons MM says, but we have been trained not to accept anything unless it is corroborated and fits the whole we’re slowly forming.

To be fair … this is very early in MM’s account … he says many things, which we measure against other things we’ve largely accepted at N.O. e.g. Jackie being far more than the innocent wife … but that takes a heap of reading, unsuited to a short blogpost.

The material’s there though, thx IYE, secure it while you can.

20.  On IYE’s, I just tried to transfer the Rowling quote here

It threw this entire post out and it’s taken me fifteen minutes to get it back.

19.  This was below Neil O’s Pfizer rant

18.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Rep. Bob Good Argues To Wait Until November To Replace Speaker Johnson To Prevent Dems Gaining Power |

b.  Ben Harnwell suggests the real motive behind congressional Republicans giving Zelensky $61billion |


  1. MftWC 1

    CDC confirms there have been over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the elderly since FDA “approved” C**id Vaccine |

    1 will never accept another mRNA vaccine, MP says |

    Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death’ according to Peter Gotzsche, Co-Founder of the Cochrane Collaboration |

    Dr Meryl Nass: WHO’s pandemic plans are built on lies and misdirection |

    Letters To A Young Medical Student |

    Wokism, Marxism & The Failures Of Academic “Liberalism” |

    1llegal Aliens Understand That None Of The Rules Apply To Them |

    1f they were cars we'd call them 'lemons'..

    US Air Force Secretary Admits Less than Third of Lockheed’s F-35s Operationally Capable! |

  2. MftWC 2

    Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on April 20, 2024 (Map Update) |

    US House, Ukraine chants and flags. Mike Johnson is Churchill. Blinken to deliver ultimatum to China - Alex Christoforou |

    Russian army captures first German-made Leopard 2A6 tank from Kiev forces (Video) |

    Preventing [The] Ukraine collapse during US election - The Duran |

    Russian army takes out MIG-29 Fighter jets, more air defense & RADAR systems in [The] Ukraine |

    France sent 1,000 troops to [The] Ukraine? US House approves [The] Ukraine aid bill, Georgia, Armenia, China - Levan Gudadze |

  3. MftWC 3

    Two Dead, 14 Wounded, shot at Memphis [Black] “Block Party”, part of America’s Lawless Leftist Cities |

    Massive, Bloody Brawl Erupts on [Black] Party Boat in Brooklyn Leaving Several People Injured, Including Two Stabbing Victims (Videos) |

    Yet Another BLM Activist Found Guilty of Fraud, Stole $450,000 From Hapless Donors |

    Baltimore Mayor Announces Millions in Black-Only Arts Funding, includes Black Leaders Wax Museum, Comptroller says City is Broke |

    1llegal Alien from Haiti Arrested for Double Murder in New York – Released into US With Biden’s CBP One App |

    Massive Cover-Up of Trans Shooter’s History in Nashville Covenant School Mass Murder Case |

    Brave School Girl Reveals In Graphic Detail How Trans Student Savagely Assaulted Her Friend While Blasting Woke School Officials to Their Face for Letting it Happen (Video) |

  4. MftWC 4

    Houston Police Union Issues Warning That the Texas City is ‘Not Safe’ as ‘Many Suspected Murderers’ Are Walking the Streets (Video) |

    Tucker Carlson Says Politicians Are ‘Terrified’ of Intel Agencies Framing Them With ‘Kiddie Porn’ (Video) |

    Bishop Says Biden Doesn’t Understand Catholicism — ‘I’m Not Angry at Him, He’s Just Stupid’ |

    Bishop Strickland Warns of ‘Crescendo of Apostasy’ by Vatican Forces Against Catholic Liturgy, Doctrine |

    Polling Shows 1 Bright Spot for Christianity in America |

    Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Rio’s Copacabana Beach Against Dictatorship and in Support of Bolsonaro! (Videos) |

    Oh dear..

    UK’s Only Munitions Factory Explodes, Just Days After US Army Ammunition Factory Catches Fires in Scranton, PA |

  5. #22 I can e-mail you a large scale map of the area if you want it. I drove all round that area when I first arrived here in France just to see what it was like down here.

  6. FoS: Sensible people such as our host here let the train take the strain when travelling around France, getting to know nice young ladies en route.

    Idiots like me always forget that 1) France is a big country; 2) all decent roads radiate out from Paris like the spokes of a wheel, anything else is tedious rubbish with flics waiting everywhere; 3) Never - ever- attempt to cross the massif central E-W; 4) A Renault Clio is OK for a trip to Super-U, but any more than that is extremely inadvisable.

    I departed from my then home in Alsace and wibbled and wobbled and uped and downed for hours before I encountered a decent road at Limoges. More hours later I arrived at my friends' place and was so frazzled that I jumped from the car straight into their outdoor swimming pool in the dark and fully dressed. Ah, les anglais... quelle finesse!


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