Sunday, April 14, 2024

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20.  Andy at NOWP

(Actually in response to Evets)

19.  Woke-left wallies don’t like gollies

Oh the cruelty of the Woke-left … a Golli looking for a home, looking for love, was going to be bought by some hater to be destroyed or shut away forever. What had Golli ever done to her to deserve this?

Resident Anne, a retired carer, said: ‘I was tempted to buy it just to remove it.

18.  Elon philosophical

17.  Birth

16.  Steve

a.  War Room snippets...

Jerome Corsi: "This Whole Deep State Mentality Has Permeated The CIA And The State Department" |

Mike Davis: "No Question" Democrats Are Attempting A Coup d'├ętat Against President Trump |

b.  Friday last there was a screenshot immediately under the heading: 16. A few more. I've seen it before; some years ago now, but it stuck with me. The ruling class made a declaration to Parliament that there were 'no indigenous people in Britain'. So what they were saying is the English are not indigenous to England, the Scots to Scotland nor the Welsh to Wales - which is rather odd as aren't the Welsh descended from ancient Britons? Presumably they would if they could, also include the Irish as the ruling elite have a history of not giving shit about them either.

Take the Maori for instance (New Zealand's indigenous peoples), they're Polynesian. Polynesia is not New Zealand: the Maori arrived by sea from there to the islands of what would become New Zealand around the middle of the 14th Century. To put that into perspective the English and French had already started the Hundred Years' War (Guerre de Cent Ans) before the Maori set foot in New Zealand. So the Maori are considered native to New Zealand but the English are not native to England? You can see the problem. Moving on..

Neil's back from his holiday and back in his front room, even more red-pilled:

Neil Oliver: Lies & Creeping Control!

15.  Ian J

The UK & NATO are helping the Ukraine behave like Iran - yet they condemn Iran? confusing?
"Russian air defenses intercepted at least 17 Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea as well as the regions of Kursk and Krasnodar overnight"


  1. Evets 1

    C**id Vaccines have caused at least 14,000% increase in Cancer Cases in the USA according to CDC |

    UK ONS Denies Request From 7 MPs & are Still Claiming The Jabs are ‘Safe’ so “No Need for Analysis That Might Show Otherwise.” |

    Hydroxychloroquine was WHO’s dress rehearsal to shift decision-making to international forces driven by power and money |

    What have we learned? How the world was driven mad by the seriously unhinged |

    A brief history of the “biodefence” era and how they convinced nations to give up our rights for “pandemic safety” |

    Residents Escape Democrat Policies –The Exodus Continues |

    When the World Breaks | Great Depression |

    They want to kill you – Here’s how they’ll do it |

    1f I Were The Devil |

  2. Evets 2

    Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on April 14, 2024 (Map Update) |

    1ran retaliates. Israel defence. Biden off-ramp. Ukraine power shortage. Germany bans Varoufakis - Alex Christoforou |

    “Russian captivity is better than Ukrainian army” : Ukrainian servicemen surrender near Avdeevka |

    [The] Ukraine energy system smashed. Biden demands Russian assets - The Duran |

    Russian air defenses shot down 17 Ukrainian drones in Black Sea, Kursk & Krasnodar |

    1ran retaliates against Israel with missile and drone strikes, Russian advance continues, Economy - Levan Gudadze |

    Ukrainian drone strikes in Russian rear regions on April 14, 2024 (Map Update) |

  3. 19. I had two teddies, the smallest being taddy. One monkey with rubber face, didn't like him as much as the teddies. One golly, I loved him almost much as my little taddy. Rupert the bear might have influenced me there, he had so much fun whenever he met some picaninnes!

    1. Steve

      Didn't have a teddy, brother did but not me. My favourite toy was a replica Colt Single Action Army Revolver - sized for a boy. They called it 'Peacemaker' and mine could fire those caps you use in starting pistols. Needless to say it spent more time locked in my Dad's toolbox than in my cowboy holster :)

    2. I had one of those ... a Colt ... with rolls of caps ... it went everywhere I went.

  4. Evets 3

    Reminder: The Biden Administration Granted Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Just One Month Ago |

    Green Beret Veteran Rep. Michael Waltz Blasts Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy: “November Can’t Come Soon Enough” |

    Biden’s America-CBP Statistics: Over 400,000 Illegals Flown Directly into US Under Biden Regime’s CHNV Parole Program |

    1n 2020 Biden Won 2 Key States by 115K, Now He’s Lost Over 364K Voters in Same States |

    New York Times Admits Voters Looking Back ‘More Positively’ on Trump’s Presidency as Biden Fails at Everything |

    Here’s the Poll That Has Democrats Panicked About the 2024 Election |

  5. Evets 4

    FBI Director Chris Wray Walks Away From Journalist Asking if He Wants Congress to Reauthorize FISA to Spy on Trump’s Campaign Again (Video) |

    Hanoi Jane Fonda Says Climate Crisis is a “Manifestation of Racism, Misogyny and Patriarchy” |

    Euthanasia Campaign Now Admits When People Die it Saves Money! |

    New EU Rule Bans Garden Bonfires |

    Biological Male Athlete Smokes Female Competitors in 200-Meter Race — Same Time Would Have Placed Him 61st in Boys Category (Video) |

    Rand Paul: A Brave Marine Lt. Colonel Stepped Forward and Revealed that 15 US Agencies Knew C**id-19 Was Created in Lab in 2018 – But They Kept It Secret from American Public (Video) |


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