Monday, April 15, 2024

Ladies late for lunchtime

As you can see, I've replaced the four X tweeters with four ladies of the past ... was a bit uneasy running people I know in this slot, esp. as the pics are always their younger selves ... par for the course, yes, but maybe not suited to this blog. 

N1 is English; N2 here you might need help with ... from the 20s/30s, Canadian, initials RK;  N3 is English and the younger pic is to disguise her age; N4 I'm not saying.


  1. DAD - No 4. The eyes look like BB.

  2. N3 could be Helena Bonham Carter, and N4 resembles Julie Christie (or is my memory going?)

  3. Right, some hints and answers combined:

    N1 was a model JS, the other one was Twiggy.
    N2 is too much to ask ... Ruby Keeler.
    N3 is HBC.
    N4 is JC.

  4. N1 must be Jean Shrimpton - snapped by David Bailey?

  5. Eggsellent, Ian ... that's a wrap.


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