Sunday, March 03, 2024

Sunday [18 till close of play]

(1730) Evening all … relaxing day here … hope yours was too. Ta for the n17 captions, boys. (2117) Pegging out now, peeps.

25.  Are trees friend or foe?

24.  Doonhamer on the laser thing at NOWP

Seeing lasers. Lasers, like any light beam, can only be seen from the side if there is smoke dust or raindrops to scatter the light sideways. Witness unreal (rubbish) video and film programmes where hero holding a torch / flashlight enters a room which has been undisturbed for many years. Also pre and post smoking ban cinemas. So they were only caught out by the rain. No rain or dust storm – no evidence.

23.  Ian J

On Sun 11 to 13:

Well done US/UK for effectively closing the Red sea to shipping!

"Rubymar is the first ship to sink since the Houthis began targeting Israel-affiliated ships and others linked to the U.S. and the UK in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden last November using missiles and drones in response to the Israeli war and siege on the Gaza Strip."

22.  Steve

a.  On 14. “Delighted that this lass has taken up the Amish cause”

The bloke she questions at 2:27mins is Sam Faddis, a former clandestine CIA operative (South America). Never forget a face, me, which was useful in NI :)

Here's the receipt:

b.  Had a mixed reaction to Neil's latest monologue - as I said last week he's just inside the line to keep on-air, and for that he's been rewarded. Starting next week his show on GB News will be 2 hours long and there's a new podcast as well. Here's last night's:

Neil Oliver tears into 'unelected puppet' Rishi Sunak for 'Gaslighting' the British people

21.  Microdave

On Sunday 1 and 2:

Just quoting the number of deaths is meaningless without stating how many people made up each study group. I had to scroll down the end of the article to find the actual percentages:

"This means there was a total of 1,026,512 deaths in England during this period and the vaccinated accounted for 94 percent of them, whereas the unvaccinated accounted for just six percent"

20.  Evening roundup

19.  Andrew Bridgen

First post with Mrs. was:


I view TC and Bridgen as "Vicar of Bray" types i.e. will swap sides when it is prudent to do so. Service to self types rather than service to others.

Then I found this:

… and Digger adds:

A project of Ms Bridgen:

What does she want the money for and why should others fund her anyway?

18.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Frank Gaffney: Their Goal Is To "Destroy The Judeo-Christian West At Large"

b.  "Trump's Lead Is 15 Points": Richard Baris Drops Bombs On 2024 Presidential Election Poll


  1. Oh dear, it's dim or dishonest to refer to 'unelected puppet'. We don't have a presidential system: all our PMs are unelected except by their own constituents.

  2. MftWC 1

    UK politicians will have to face the decisions they made during the C**id era

    4x Vaccinated Youth 318% More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed Peers, Office for National Statistics Confirms

    Seven MPs request comprehensive data transparency from the UK ONS

    New documents reveal Chinese espionage at Canadian biolab and Trudeau tried to cover it up

    They Called Him “Crooked Cohen”

    Leftism is the politics of weakness

    Soon there will be no Farms (It’s part of ‘Their Terrifying Plan’)

    Constitutional Crisis & Murthy v. Biden

    At Least 100 J6 Attendees Were Very Wrongly Over-Sentenced

  3. Have been reading about the progress of the Russian forces in U=the Ukraine (largely on Southfront) and the responses of the Western leadership. Don't these clowns think about the thousands of Ukrainian (and Russian) troops being killed every day in this disastrous confruntation that was largely created by the greed of corrupt US/UK/NATO/Ukraine govt's.

  4. MftWC 2

    Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on March 3, 2024 (Map Update)

    Gaza airdrop. WSJ, Putin's not so punishing terms. Ukraine summer collapse. Price of victory - Alex Christoforou

    Russian flag waving in Tonenkoe, Avdeevka front (Video)

    Conflict in the Ukrainian Army, German MoD Communications Compromised, Trump, Eurozone Economy - Levan Gudadze

    Macron wants to send troops to [The] Ukraine. They are already there

    Berlin Admits Taurus Kerch Bridge Talk, UK MSM Admits EU Panic; Syrsky Sacks Generals, Russia Advances - Alex Mercouris

    Russian army destroys more Ukrainian air defense systems (Videos)

    [The] Ukraine is Crumbling Under Putin's Military - Stephen Gardner | Col. Doug Macgregor

    Another Abrams tank destroyed on Ukrainian frontlines (Video)

  5. Saw this on a US blog - slightly rude but....

  6. MftWC 3

    Trump Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on the Fani Willis-Nathan Wade Relationship (Video)

    Trump Destroys Nikki Haley in Missouri Winning 100% of Total Delegates Awarded After Race Called Earlier Today

    Trump Posts His Largest Ever Lead in History of New York Times Polling, Paper Admits Dementia Joe ‘Very Unpopular’

    MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Says Democrats Need to ‘Scare the S**t Out of People’ Over Trump in 2024 (Video)

    Hungarian PM Doubles Down on Calls for a Trump Comeback – Says He Is the Only One Who Can Bring a Quick End to Ukraine War, and the Conflict in Gaza Too!

    Sen. JD Vance Scorches Mitch McConnell: “You Can’t Have Another Republican Leader Who Seems to Ooze Hatred and Dismay for the Very People Who Vote – Republican” (Video)

  7. MftWC 4

    Melugin: Over 7,000 Illegals Encountered at Southern Border in One Day on Joe Biden’s Open Border Invitation

    Border Patrol Union Savages Joe Biden in Social Media Post

    Feeble Joe Biden Hides at Camp David While Trump Holds Massive Rallies in North Carolina and Virginia

    China is an Enemy, Not a Competitor

    Failing Europe Socialists Meet: Old Ideas, More Taxation, and Climate Lunacy – Warmongering and the Fear of Surging Right Wing Also Dominate Agenda Ahead of EU Elections

    British Troops Are Directing Air Strikes in Ukraine – Germany Discusses Blowing Up Bridge in Crimea – The Globalist Elites Want Their World War

  8. Hydrogen vehicles anyone?.....

  9. Steve

    25. Are trees friend or foe?

    Fortunately we have one of those magnificent trees in a front garden just up the road from me (they grow well in Poole) and that one is roof height. Actually they're quite common in the borough and were planted in the 50's and 60's by the local authority.

  10. re #22 - Can't disagree with Neil Oliver!

    Meanwhile; Anyone for E-bikes?

    "E-bikes caused a year’s worth of fires in two months, New York fire chief warns"
    "Lithium-ion batteries used in electronic bikes and scooters caused more fires in the last two months than in all of 2019"
    “They kill people, they have killed people, and they will kill more people if businesses continue to operate in this manner,” Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh warned last month.


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