Sunday, March 03, 2024

Sunday [14 to 17]

(1049) Seems a nice day out there, plus the worst of the gastric biz seems over, feeling more bloggish. (1130)

17.  And lastly for now ... caption time ...

... yes, chaps and chapesses ... on the photo please, not on Moosh herself:

16.  Health tourism

15.  The three letter sites today

14.  Delighted that this lass has taken up the Amish cause

Just as that honey did yesterday with the salmon, there seems little doubt that a seemingly sane and personable lass is a major drawcard ... don't ask why, just watch and sigh ... it is what it is. 

What would my own use be as the face of something? Possibly the learned old professor type when you needed just the dry facts, undercut though by the goateed radical look and snazzy gear, wicked glint to the eye and smile at the sides of the lips.

The Amish, to my mind, need to be thankful to this gal ... it's a demographic which, if it does antiWoke good, is as invaluable as any of our ferreting.  Anyway, here tis:


  1. Steve

    14. Delighted that this lass has taken up the Amish cause

    The bloke she questions at 2:27mins is Sam Faddis, a former clandestine CIA operative (South America). Never forget a face, me, which was useful in NI :)

    1. Ta, Steve … that’s the downside of the lasses … it needs some old salts around who know, who remember.

    2. Steve

      Here's the receipt:

  2. Steve

    Had a mixed reaction to Neil's latest monologue - as I said last week he's just inside the line to keep on-air, and for that he's been rewarded. Starting next week his show on GB News will be 2 hours long and there's a new podcast as well. Here's last night's:

    Neil Oliver tears into 'unelected puppet' Rishi Sunak for 'Gaslighting' the British people

    1. 15 minutes is enough … vloggers really like to hear themselves talk.

  3. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    Frank Gaffney: Their Goal Is To "Destroy The Judeo-Christian West At Large"

    "Trump's Lead Is 15 Points": Richard Baris Drops Bombs On 2024 Presidential Election Poll

  4. Doonhamer. #17. My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, there will be a short delay. The College's token diversity has been unexpectedly delayed by a late delivery in the maternity ward.

  5. I know we've has this one before but... Here are a few lines from - ''Slaughtered on Suspicion'' ... a film about the 2001 Foot & Mouth Disease :

    ''Less than 1% of farms around Great Orton tested positive for the disease -- There was only one mild case of FMD recorded from the thousands of blood tests done at Great Orton.

    Foot and mouth is not terminal and is in fact much like the common flu virus -- in the 1920's the Duke of Westminster's prize cow herd got it - the cows feet and mouths were washed three times a day and were winning in the shows by the autumn.

    The disease can be brought under control within 4 to 5 days which could have prevented the slaughter of millions of animals.

    Deer roam in the same areas that the livestock grazed -- deer are cloven footed animals and are susceptible to foot and mouth -- but the government did nothing to control the deer, Leading Many To Think That The Disease Was Not The Target -- But The Farming Industry Itself.''

    It should start at 31mins, ...


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