Friday, March 01, 2024

Friday [21 till close of play]

(1803) Evening all.

24.  Just who is Sunak trying to kid?

He’s not listening, Sunak … not even trying to listen.

23.  IYE

Police said when Kingston’s death was announced earlier this week that there was nothing suspicious about it. Really?

“Catastrophic head injury” 🤔

JH: That climate change is pretty dangerous.

22.  Just a few more

21.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Dr Josh McConkey: "You Can See A Night And Day Difference In The Policies Of Trump vs. Biden"

b.  Sabin Howard Highlights Progress On WWI Memorial

c.  Bill Gertz Discusses China's Plan To Attack US Satellites

d.  Ben Harnwell: The US has no allies. America stands alone. Always has — always will. Embrace it


  1. MftWC 1

    The Contagion Myth: Failure to Demonstrate Transmission of “Viral” Diseases

    Penny Mordaunt disparages and threatens Andrew Bridgen in parliament

    "A Storm Is Coming for The Guilty” Warns Neil Oliver

    Technocensorship: When Corporations Serve As A Front For Government Censors

    Carbon removal is a very expensive product that no one needs

    The Obamas are “Running” the USA, according to Military Historian

    Fani Willis is a shining example of what happens when hiring is based on diversity instead of merit

    El Salvador president warns West’s “backed-by-nothing-dollar” will drag down the rest of the world

  2. MftWC 2

    NATO’S bet on Kiev lost

    Galloway wins. Kallas, not afraid of Russia. UK battle plans. Putin, global majority. Big guy pie

    Putin's Address To The Federal Assembly

    How Close Is WWIII? - Judge Napolitano | Col. Doug Macgregor

    Russian forces complete assault in Ivanovskoe, approaching Chasov Yar (18+)

    Why Did Russia Really Invade Ukraine? (New Dawn May/June 2022)

    CIA behind Ukrainian disaster

  3. MftWC 3

    “Hunter Biden is a Liar!” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Into Hunter Biden’s Attempts to Cry About His Addiction and Lie About His Family Business Dealings in Closed-Door House Deposition

    House Oversight Releases Hunter Biden Transcript – Hunter Admits Joe Biden Is the “Big Guy”

    Rep. Nancy Mace Lays Out Key Takeaways on Hunter Biden’s Closed-Door Depositions

    Hundreds Line the Streets in Fort Pierce, Florida to Cheer President Trump on His Way to Court in Jack Smith Lawfare Hearing

    Judge Cannon Admonishes Special Counsel’s Prosecutor, Says Jack Smith’s Proposed July 8 Trial Date in Classified Docs Case “Unrealistic”

    Trump Celebrates as He Gets Major Win from Supreme Court

  4. Never spent a second locked inside my house, never wore a mask, never took a test, never stood on a doorstep and clapped, never took any notice of any social distancing measure, never avoided other people, never watched a talking head on the box, never put a flipping rainbow in a window.

    I went to HMG site. I read the notifiable disease pages. I printed what I found and gave them to a few people I knew, I used a search engine and went looking for evidence for the existence of viruses, discovered there isn't any.

    Realised it was a waste of time showing people outside of my family what I had found. Watched in utter disbelief at the stupidity on daily display in these parts until I finally accepted people are either too lazy, to stupid, too arrogant, or just too afraid to think for themselves and question what they are being told to believe.

    Finally I began to enjoy myself by scaring the idiots primarily by catching their eye when they noticed I had no mask on, by pointedly ignoring social distancing measures in shops, by pointing out that what we were being told was guidance not law.

    George was wrong when he said this;
    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

    Experience during the scam showed me ninety odd percent of people are stupider than the average person.


  5. MftWC 4

    A Thousand Years of Prison Time Over A 6-Hour Delay of Congress: January 6 Show Trials Now Represent The Gravest Injustice In US History

    US Federal Agents Arrest Reporter Steve Baker for Covering Jan. 6 Protests and Challenging Official Narrative

    Biden’s Alexei Navalny: ‘They Really Are Trying to Kill Me’ (J6 political prisoner)

    Massive Groups of Military Age Males From Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and More Filmed Traveling Through Darién Gap in Panama to be Flown into US by Biden Regime (Video)

    DeSantis Signs Bill That Authorizes Release of Epstein Documents: ‘The Public Deserves to Know Who Participated’

    University of Florida Fires All DEI Employees


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