Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday [25 to 29]

(1130) Greetings again, earthlings, apres-elevenses. (1204)

29.  DAD at NOWP

Neil Oliver’s latest monologue over there.

Don't think it's completely got through to Neil yet ... he's still demanding from a reasoned point of view, as if the crims who are actually perpetrating these things are in any way amenable to the rule of law.

It's like going into mafia HQ, if he could, and asking in anger ... in the name of God, dismantle your empire. They'd just look at him incredulously, bemused ...

... at first.

28.  The relentless attacks on our food

27.  On Khan, Fishy and the deathcult marches

26.  The Met again

25.  Dearieme on Komrade Keir

... er ... I just read it was Doonhamer who presented it. Oh well, whoever:


  1. Steve

    29. DAD at NOWP

    Here's my two penn'orth on Neil Oliver's position. Between a rock and hard place: on the one side is OFCOM, and t'other is a very nervous producer keeping the whole thing inside the line. Moving on, Neil at home on Thursday in his own studio:

    Neil Oliver: ‘They Want Blood & Julian Assange!

    1. Steve

      BTW Trump had his fourth victory in a row with his win in South Carolina yesterday (61-39). Haley says she will fight on :)

  2. 26. A C Louisa Rolfe - another useless woman promoted above her ability.

  3. Toodles~
    I know someone in my country who said he/she saw that too until the news stations ‘turned the lights out’ and started the recount until the count was where whomever wanted it to be. I heard that the news stations reporting literally closed down . That person told me as far as he/she knew that had never before happened as long as he/she had been watching elections, which had been a long time.

    According to that person it took overnight to ship in and count all those extra votes.

    At least that is what I heard.


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