Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday [12 to 18]

(1500) Afternoon all … another Sat-mat after this and then “till close of play”. (1505)

18.  Did we ever resolve this one?

17.  Hmmm, been reading up on this

Seems muscle mass is the thing when older, more than just being fitter. Hope so, otherwise the gym was a waste of time.

16.  IYE



15.  Did we have TDS earlier? Can’t recall …

14.  Uh huh

13.  DAD 2

12.  Ian J

The recent moon landings by unmanned craft have prompted Helena to ask "Where did Neil Armstrong land" Well? :

"While American jets are falling apart mid flight, cities burn, and talk of the possibility of landing a space craft on the Moon suddenly is labeled scientific ‘advancement’. What happened to Neil Armstrong? Where did he land – because it most certainly was NOT the moon."


  1. 18. Only way to resolve it satisfactorily is to take both of those and place one atop the other and the job's a good'un!


  2. "Italy's Meloni signs a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine's Zelenskyy."

    Another swamp creature revealed herself.


  3. Steve

    Snippets from CPAC, so many to choose but here's a few...

    Monica Crowley Retells President Nixon’s Concern Of Election Integrity In 1960

    Rep. Elise Stefanik: "One Person Can Make A Difference When You Have The American People Behind You"

    Naomi Wolf: "We Don't Know Who's Won Any Election In America Since 2005"

    Richard Grenell: "God Has His Hand On President Trump And He's Giving Him The Strength"


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