Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday [14 till close of play]

(1730) Evening all. (2138) Evets on Friday is up!

19.  These people at the top are monsters

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed their brief Thursday with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to hold the Food and Drug Administration accountable for unlawfully removing crucial safeguards for the use of abortion drugs. The FDA recklessly removed in-person doctor visits, ongoing care, and other protections for women’s health either based on studies it conceded were inadequate or without ever studying the safety of the drugs with all the safeguards removed.

ADF attorneys are asking the court to affirm the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit’s decision holding that the FDA acted unlawfully by removing its original safety standards like doctors’ visits to check for ectopic pregnancies, severe bleeding, and life-threatening complications, as well as reporting requirements so women are better informed about the serious risks associated with abortion drugs.

18.  Laura Loomer

She puzzles me but I like her, as DJT does, she’s a loose cannon, no hubby but dating, 30, MTG can’t stand her, she does things others would not have the fortitude to … see Evets on Friday … actually travelling with the illegals.

It’s at the point now where it seems the only way is shock tactics to break this globo-left complacency, DJT doesn’t seem to know how best to use her talents … ha ha.

17.  Quite, Draino, quite

... illuminati too:

16.  DAD

15.  All about bananas

NOWP 594:3.

14.  Steve

War Room snippets - from CPAC International

a.  Nigel Farage: Members Of Parliament Are “Too Scared” To Control Migrants, Must Protect Border

b.  Liz Truss: "The Economic Establishment In Britain Wanted To Keep Things The Way They Were"

c.  Christine Anderson Joins War Room To Discuss German Politics And Alternative For Deutschland

d.  Tulsi Gabbard: "The Only Ones That Can Save Us From Destruction, Is We The People"


  1. 17. Not sure Draino understands DJT's deflection when he answers press questions. I doubt any of the people DJT has mentioned so far will be VP. Certainly wouldn't trust Gabbard or Ramaswampy.


    1. Steve

      You're right, The Donald is playing games with the media.

    2. He's done it since day one too. At the moment he's keeping the heat off his real pick.


  2. Evets 1

    Vaccinated are susceptible to viral infections and “C**id vaccine heart syndrome”

    You’ve Been Genetically Hijacked to Produce Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein Proteins

    Survey of embalmers shows how many are finding rubbery clots; “the science” will never cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors

    Why is the UK’s ONS suddenly changing the “excess deaths” numbers? (Katie Hopkins)

    British pharmacist: “We killed people. I watched while this happened.”

  3. Evets 2

    Did the Dutch Health Minister Flee the Country?

    UK needs an entirely different political class that’s willing to puncture our national delusions

    Techno-hell: Germany announces ‘pre-crime’ police unit to target ‘far-right’

    El Salvador’s President Bukele Slams Soros At CPAC (Video)

    The Elites Versus The Rest Of Us

  4. Evets 3

    Second year of Russian special military operation in [The] Ukraine ends with victories

    Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO - Alex Christoforou

    1rretrievable losses of Ukrainian army exceeded active military personnel

    Ukraine Defence West Avdeyevka, Russia Outflanks, Ukraine Troops Despair; US/EU Escalate Failed Sanctions - Alexander Mercouris

    Russian Lancet loitering munitions hit 36 Ukrainian vehicles in a week (Videos)

    [The] Ukraine lost control over the Severnoe, Armenia suspended - CSTO, US warship under fire, Moon - Levan Gudadze

    Biden and US media lies about [The] Ukraine are Reminiscent of Vietnam War – American Conservative

    From the streets of Moscow - Levan Gudadze

    Fewer and fewer Europeans believe in ‘Ukrainian victory’

  5. Evets 4

    Radical Anti-Trump Judge Engoron Denies Trump’s Request to Delay Enforcement of Penalties in NYC Fraud Case as Letitia James Threatens to Seize Trump’s Properties

    “They Want Trump to Forfeit One of his Buildings Before the Appeals Process” – Eric Bolling and Christina Bobb on Letitia James’ Latest Move to Deny Donald Trump the Right to Appeal (Video)

    Fani Willis and Lover Nathan Wade in Danger of Disqualification in Trump Case After Fresh Discovery of Cell Phone Data Suggests They Lied Under Oath

    Entire Panel of Undecided Voters Backs Trump After Town Hall: ‘He Owns the Room’

    Teamsters Union Makes Major Donation to Republicans After Meeting With Trump

    Trump VP Contender Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Democratic Establishment, DC Swamp, and Defends Trump in Fiery CPAC Speech (Video)

    Turncoat Mike Pence Announces $20 Million to Fight GOP’s Turn to Populism Just Months Before the 2024 Election – Is Pence Plotting to Throw Another Election?

  6. Evets 5

    Wayne Root: Nikki Haley is the New Liz Cheney

    Leaked Recordings Reveal Democratic Strategists and Soros Linked Operatives Caught in Massive Global Political Influence and Election Interference Operation (Video)

    A Bridge Under Construction in the Darien Gap Will Soon Provide an ‘Easier and Less Dangerous’ Path to the United States: Congressional Candidate

    Republican Candidate Installs Barbed Wire Over Gap in Border (Video)

    Trump Declares He Will Defend Christians from Continued Persecution and No One Will Take Down “Cross of Christ” Under Trump Administration (Video)

    Christian Nationalists and the Defense of the Nation

    Chris Cuomo’s Personal Physician Destroys C**id-19 ‘Safe & Effective’ Narrative on Live TV (Video)


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