Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday [1 to 3]

(0331) Items 1 and 2 below are those that hit me upon waking and issues possibly, even speculatively, relating to them. (0425)

3.  Man from the West Country one

a.  Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid-19 Vaccines? ‘It May be Time to Speak Up…’ says Dr Tess Lawrie

b.  The man who profited from gain-of-function research went on to commandeer an authoritarian narrative and coordinate a censorship campaign to assist in the cover-up of SARS-CoV-2 origins

c.  Australian medical professionals who were cancelled haven’t given up; they’re still fighting for medical freedom

d.  Hall of Shame: A worldwide list of those who pushed for C**id “lockdowns”

e.  Study: CO2 is increasing the rate of global greening, even in places affected by drought

f.  Canada’s carbon tax: Stop trying to rebrand it and just get rid of the whole scam

g.  CBO Revised: The Cost Of Biden’s Energy Policies Up By $466 Billion

h.  The Year of Cascading Crises

i.  The Crime of Donald Trump

(JH: Obviously I’m going to look at (i) first.)

2.  The job market and how we ourselves can handle those above

Again … disclaimers … this is a US company, not British … and they’re referring to the layoff situation in a draconian Asian land:

In today's volatile job market, layoffs can happen at any moment, leaving employees and employers alike reeling from the aftermath. But fear not! Our one-day workshop is here to equip you with the essential tools and strategies to navigate termination and dismissal issues with confidence.

Join us as we delve into the complexities of handling layoffs, ensuring that both employees and employers emerge unscathed. Learn how to mitigate legal risks, preserve organizational reputation, and foster trust among your team.

Don't let layoffs catch you off guard. Secure your spot now and arm yourself with the knowledge to thrive in turbulent times!

For employees, is it? To reassure them?  Is it hell … it’s for these people:

HR Professionals, business owners, executives and other professionals involved in HR work including senior managers and Senior Management.

In other words … how the firm can cover their butts in a draconian workplace in Asia … could there be lessons here in the west on how to handle disgruntled populations?


Those with families have an immediate priority order of loyalties but at the same time, the proportion of those online and aware of the consequences of not combining, of it being dog-eat-dog, at the mercy of the monsters above as the temptation is to undermine and the pressure to look out only for N1 … it’s intense.  Hoping the crocodile eats us last. Or put another way … the flight or sudden fight response?

Which do you think most people out there are going to do? Also considering this development:

The source seems pretty reliable to me from past experience.

1.  Heart and water

I’ve been concerned for sometime about this new bed of mine, a real bed, not an airbed … am thinking of trying the airbed again one night, just to see … this bed is too rock hard and I woke up after three hours or so with a heart issue again, seemed to be the way the bod was positioned … test would be the next fifteen mins … well here I am typing at you … so far, so good.

One thing I’m meant to be doing constantly throughout the day, along with exercise and diet, is taking fluids, hence always having water at hand. This item below is dated, it’s not new … do you think it is better or worse in 2024, esp. given the covid and vaxx doings we’ve just been through?

Before dismissing those, consider recent soc-med reports on clotting and damage … mainly from the US but also from undertakers in the UK.

Just before dropping off last night, I saw this:

What had I commented on?  This:

You of course have your own tales … I know of a few locked into hospital visits just now … thought I was about to … upon waking just now, not too bad after that (poisoned?) water, plus heart meds.

Onto the emails (item 2) …


  1. 1. Try getting a mattress topper if your bed is too hard. They come in various thicknesses and materials. Advantage is apart from softening the sleeping platform they are washable/dry cleanable depending on the size, which helps to eliminate dust mites if the mattress underneath is dust mite friendly. They can also help with temperature regulation.


  2. Toodles~
    Hey Digs!!! You took the words right out of my fingertips!

    Now back to my comfy spot for slumbering.

    Oh…I was just checking on the place (NO) during my snoozy hours. Was making sure someone was manning or womanning the place. See it is going👍!


  3. Since I bought a sur-mattress I sleep much warmer and longer.


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