Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Wednesday [8 to 12]

(0945) Morning all. (1238)

12.  Right … sorted my Christmas wrapping and cards

Frankly, I detest the commercial part of Christmas … it’s not that I won’t buy, I will … but it’s fraught, as turned out last year.

a.  Unequal rating of the receivees in the minds of the givers

Let’s say someone gives me a well rated single malt … for a start, what if I don’t like single malts? (I do, but not all of em.) And what if some lovely lady buys me a winter robe … fab robe, really good, wrong size. By the time she takes it back, it’s off the shelves.

To me, at my age, the whole bleedin’ thing’s nothing but a nightmare. The other person is judging you on how much, ££££wise, each thinks the other’s worth. Can’t stand it.

b.  You’ve created a year of brooding miffed-ness, not good will

Well that’s easy you say … just ask the person what they need ahead of time. I did. None of them answered me.

c.  Solution 

Buy generalised things, e.g tote bags, cloth, which they can then use for shopping, also sepia-toned blank cards and envelopes and you provide the colour in your heartfelt greetings … write half a page of nice things.

In the tote bag, place box of chocs, card and one other item you think of … if they don’t like chocs or don’t like the other, then they can give them to family or mates. Big thing is no wasted presents this year.

Too non-personalised? I don’t know how much more personalised a handwritten letter is.

11.  The little things etc. (three)

To some poor sods, this might be all their birthdays:

… but not to anyone in the blogging game.  This constant invitation is either to an Only Fans type place or else it’s Cyril at GCHQ … in short, the instant you respond, you’re gone, mateys. You’ve been Epsteined.

For us chaps, we need to be ultra-cautious with the ladies and “ladies”. 

10.  The little things we have to put up with (too)

That was the response to me trying to reply to Microdave.  At the same time, this across the pond:

9.  A wee roundup

8.  MftWC three

a.  [The] Ukraine's top General says the counteroffensive failed: “It disappointed many”

b.  Biden and EU cut off [The] Ukraine and NATO prepares for "Bad News" - Redacted

c.  Ukrainian military sent reinforcement to Kherson region

d.  NATO admits [The] Ukraine is on the Brink - Judge Napolitano | Larry Johnson

e.  Only Russia's victory ensures end to NATO’s brutal exploitation of [The] Ukraine

f.  Zelensky moving to US and given citizenship says whistleblower | Redacted News


  1. 8b. EU/NATO/UK may have lost the proxy war but they can claim one small victory. A small but not insignificant victory in the propaganda war. Russia has now been labeled Enemy of the West. Again. It also serves to identify various Russian allies as alliances (BRICS) are strengthened. These allies will then be considered ripe for regime change.

  2. I wondered why the usual quick reply wasn't forthcoming! I've just sent two test messages to that account (from different ones) and they came straight through. I'll email you some alternatives.

  3. Number 11. Total aside. Reminds me of the penny wise Aussie wifie called Emma Chisset.
    Usually incorporated into a knock, knock joke.


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