Sunday, December 03, 2023

Sunday [14 till close of play]

(1800) This commenting thing … it’s weird but you the reader get through almost always with a moniker beginning or end … me though … opposite … I replied to Andy just before … straight through no moniker … but if I try my moniker … error publishing they say. Not even going to try to work that one out … just keep rolling with what works.

23.  Thought for this evening

22.  Mancini’s song Peter Gunn was 1959

… Duane Eddy’s version was big in 1959/60 … Art of Noise, with Duane Eddy, was 1986 … this version is also 1986 … in Nashville of all places:

Quite tricky to do live in 1986, despite electronic advances by then.

21.  IYE

"What Is The Real Endgame Of The Monarchy?"

Video at NOWP.

20.  DAD at NOWP

USA. The Insanity Continues 🔥Navy Medical Officer reveals Covax Vaccine Related Heart Issues. These numbers are astounding. “Myocarditis up 151%, Ischemic heart disease up 69%, pulmonary heart disease up 62% and Heart Failure is up 973%…..

19.  Very sad thing, as Vinnie picked up on

18.  Later roundup

17.  TCW

16.  Steve reprised

Neil Oliver: What are they planning next?

Neil Oliver: We face surveillance of our lives and attempts to control our every behaviour

15. Housekeeping, Andy and Steve

Thing is … there are certain sources we’re down on here, e.g. the Guardian, BBC news and comment, CNN, WaPo , ITV, C4 … and there’s no way they’re going to be regular sources here in an approving way … this blog is firmly anti-Wokerati.

Neil Oliver’s a completely different matter, so he’s coming up next … GBN is a mixed bag. If someone does a takedown of a Guardian article, in detail … that’s another matter.

What then of radio plays, sport, classical music? Beeb’s often fine on those … it’s just their news division, environment, medical news etc. … no way.

14.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Venezuelan Vote On An Oil-Rich Region Of Guyana Heightens Risk Of South American Military Conflict

b.  Sam Faddis: Venezuela Prepares To Tear Off Two-Thirds Of A Neighboring Country Over Natural Resources

c.  Anthony Aguerro Reports On Massive Influx Of Muslim Migrants Crossing Through Southern Border

d.  Ben Harnwell: Putin orders 10% increase in troops as Zelensky blinks and pivots from offence to defence


  1. James, I usually apologise when linking to awful articles from odious organs. Sometimes the bare facts are informative and often the editorial contortions are amusing. I'm sure you don't think that I am promoting these people.

    1. Andy, you can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. MftWC 1

    Fauci Lied & Hundreds of Thousands of Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms over 100k Youngsters ‘D**d S**denly’ in the USA following roll-out of C**ID-19 Vaccines

    How your Government tricked you into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions through Midazolam Poisoning & C**ID Vaccination

    Review Of – ‘Deception: The Great C**id Cover-up’

    Citizen Inquiry Report Blasts Canadian Govt Response to C**ID

    Ireland proposes radical anti-hate speech law that would make memes and common phrases illegal, such as “Irish Lives Matter”

    Auto dealers urge Biden to step on the brakes for electric car mandates, citing decline in demand

    D**ald T**mp: Man in the Arena

    The Fools On Capitol Hill Give Z**nism Its Muscle

  3. MftWC 2

    Ukraine Finally Starts To Build Defense Lines

    Germany sad, The Putin happy. Klitschko turns on Elensky. Macron, war to last 10 years. Melodi. U/1 - Alex Christoforou

    Russian Saboteurs destroyed post of Ukrainian border guards in Chernihiv region (18+ Video)

    Zelensky is losing control, Seymour Hersh - Ukrainian crisis, US benefits at the expense of Europe - Levan Gudadze

    Kiev sold Ukrainian land for disposal of hazardous chemical waste of US companies – Report

    Ukraine SitRep: High Losses, Political Infighting, Blocked Borders

  4. MftWC 3

    Foreign-Born US Population Hits Highest Level Ever Recorded in American History

    Biden’s Push to Allow Illegal Aliens to Live in National Parks Using Federal Funds Results in House GOP Block

    Governor Abbott Set to Sign New Texas Law: Illegal Border Crossing to Become a State Crime, Empowering State Officers to Arrest Illegal Immigrants (Video)

    One Dead, Two Injured in Paris Terror Attack – Islamist Was Shouting “Allahu Akbar” During Attack Near Eiffel Tower

    Man Arrested in Plot to Kill Elon Musk, Cause ‘Mass Casualty Event’ at Tesla Cybertruck Launch, Officials Say

    “Trump Became the Nominee – When the FBI Went Through His Wife’s Underwear Drawer” – Tucker Carlson on How Trump Won the Primary back in 2022 (Video)

  5. MftWC 4

    “One of the Greatest Injustices in American History – We Saw a Grandmother Thrown Down the Steps by Capitol Police” – Kari Lake Responds to Latest Evidence of Police Abuse and FBI Operatives on Jan. 6 (Video)

    Philippines Bans Smartmatic Voting Machines from Country’s Elections to ‘Safeguard Integrity of Elections’

    Democrat John Kerry Vows to Shut Down All Coal Plants in US that Supply 22% of Electricity to US Homes and Businesses and Replace It with Chinese Windmills

    Henry Kissinger: America’s Most Prolific War Criminal

    Is The Fad Dying Down? Actress Busy Philipps Announces 15 Year Old Daughter is Dropping Using ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

    Tennis Icon Martina Navratilova Sparks Woke Drama For Saying Transgender Biological Men Can’t Be Lesbians

  6. #16. Amfortas says..... Yea, though you walk through the Forest of the Shadow of The Bollox, and shout out its name, some 'official' bugger will try to silence you.

  7. Have just read Legiron on the latest 'science' -
    "Normal vaccine – your immune system attacks the foreign protein injected into you. mRNA vaccine – your immune system attacks your own cells because it assumes they are infected. See the difference?"
    "This is not a vaccine. This is an infection. An infection that the immune system cannot detect until after it’s invaded a cell – and then it will kill that cell."

  8. Q&A from David Craig -
    "Q. What are some potential outcomes of the annual global climate conference, COP28, in Dubai?
    A. Some prostitutes are going to make a lot of money. Some socially awkward scientists are going to be treated as rock stars. A lot of politicians are going to get drunk, schmoozed, and have an opportunity to brag about how great their policies have been (never mind the truth). A few (or more) will end up with new STDs. Most if not all will become even more compromised. The average person will get screwed as more taxes will be introduced and we all become less free as we will be the last thing the people attending COP28 will be thinking of."

  9. Hope you're OK this morning - I slept in too, don't like the cold, dark mornings!

    1. Ian, this is the time of year when I become almost nocturnal. Only one or two hours of gloomy daylight, enough time for coffee and firewood. It takes an enormous effort to rise before noon if there is an important reason to do so.


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