Saturday, December 09, 2023

Saturday [24 till close of play]

(1800) Evening all … just finished episode two of the Lawrence Affair and the great thing for me is … though we’ve had it before, my diminishing memory makes every day a new experience. ☺️. Seems very windy out there!

30.  Over at OoL

29. Storm’s dropping away now

A bit.

28.  Honey, I’m home

27.  Wasn't a lot earlier

26.  Not so sure I'm onside with the rottweiling this time

"In a shocking turn of events, Markus Anderson, a former bodyguard for Meghan Markle, has made explosive allegations about her alleged attempts to conceal the true identities of her children, Archie and Lilibet. Anderson claims that Markle orchestrated a sophisticated plan to mislead the public about the parentage of her children, creating a web of deception that has left many stunned and deeply concerned."

She may or may not have applied her brand selling tactics yet again but to my mind, they're two entirely different things ... she desperately wants to be an A lister along with other Z listers kidding themsles as humans ... that's one issue and yes ... we take her apart on it, plus the politics themselves.

This though ... the having of children ... this is messing with a woman's prime drive, plus the clock ticking down for her ... him not too far into the future either. I for one am not going to say a word on the sadness ... I wonder if they resorted to IVF or a surrogate or two ... or if Harry's impotent ... not my biz, not interested in that part of their doings.

25.  Roobeedoo

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor"

Don't forget 
2 weeks to flatten the curve

Men can have periods

I can't define a woman

killing babies is "health care"

24.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Garrett Ziegler On Hunter Biden Tax Evasion Indictment: Drugs, Pimps, And Prostitutes

b.  Josh McConkey On The Border: “If you Don’t Have A Secure Border, You Don’t Have National Security”

c.  Dr Naomi Wolf: "The injections have an ingredient in them that is causing frameshifting"

d.  Julie Kelly Explains How The Secret Service Is Concealing Numerous J6 Transcripts From Congress


  1. 26. Kids are the innocent ones come what may.

    However, if they were not "born of the body" i.e. Megain's (presuming that Hazbean did sire them) then they are not eligible to be in the line of succession. If it's true that Megain never bore those kids herself then she has committed a huge fraud and in days of yore would've been done for treason.

    If Darkus has indeed thrown her under the bus, one wonders what she has done to upset him? Could be something is about to blow and he's saving his own neck. Allegedly, natch.


  2. The best brains on the planet are puzzled by Steve.

  3. MftWC 1

    Colombian Health Minister tells Senate C**id vaccines are the greatest experiment carried out in human history

    Exposing C**ID-19 Crimes

    Godfather of mRNA vax reveals plans to jab people against cancer before tumors strike

    The Crazy C**id Copulation Exemption

    France goes after several right-wing organizations that protested against racially motivated stabbing of white teenager by migrant gangs

    Bone tests reveal 80% of “minor” migrants in France are actually adults

    The Deep State Agenda Is “Controlled Demolition Of America” (USAWatchdog Video)

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild wants to use AI to radically change economies; to “save capitalism”

    We All Have PTSD

  4. MftWC 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on December 9, 2023 (Map Update)

    US votes against ceasefire. Trump Jr, Ukraine lost war. 3 step plan to defeat Russia. MBS snubs UK - Alex Christoforou

    Russian forces launch offensive in new direction

    Ukraine has lost up to 600 military personnel and 25 combat vehicles in the last 24 hours alone - Levan Gudadze

    Military overview: Unexpected direction of Ukrainian offensive in Kherson

    Why does Congress fund foreign wars? - Judge Napolitano | Prof. Michael Rectenwald

    German Leopard 2A4 to enrich trophies collection

    When soldiers kill civilians - Judge Napolitano | Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  5. MftWC 3

    Megyn Kelly Issues Dire Warning: “America Will Burn if They Put Trump in Jail Before the Next Election”

    Federal Appeals Upholds Chutkan Gag Order in Jack Smith January 6 Case Against Trump – Trump Responds

    Banks Flagged Joe Biden’s Home Address with ‘Suspicious Activity’ Reports 6 Times: Report

    Where’s the FARA? Hunter Biden’s Newest Indictment Completely Misses a Key Issue That Also Implicates Joe Biden

    ‘Trying to Kill Me’ – Hunter Biden Lashes Out at Republican ‘Motherf*ckers’ (Audio)

    Tucker Carlson Responds to Becoming Donald Trump’s Vice President

  6. MftWC 4

    Investigation Finds 131 Percent of Eligible Voters Registered in Washington, DC

    Republicans of House Committee on Education Open Investigation of Harvard, MIT and Penn After Hearing on Anti-Semitism

    “Israel’s Lady in Red” Goes Public After Surviving the Hamas Massacre at the Nova Concert on Oct. 7 (Video)

    Federal Judges Drop Massive 261-Page Ruling Tearing Apart Conceal Carry Laws

    Elon Musk Considers Reinstating Alex Jones on X

    CDC Director Issues New C**id Alert, Urges Americans to Wear Masks (Video)

  7. What's Her Face from early 2020 ...

  8. Is the WSJ the CIA newsletter? Surely nobody would elect this crazed neocon!

    "A new Wall Street Journal survey has found former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley would beat Biden by a margin of 51% to 34% in the national popular vote if she were to win the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination. By comparison, former President Trump holds a 47-43 lead"
    "Haley has positioned herself as the most hawkish Republican candidate, calling for Washington to instill fear in its geopolitical enemies by transforming the US Department of Defense into the “Department of Offense.” She has called for strong US military aid to both Ukraine and Israel, saying Washington’s goal should be to “eliminate Hamas, not weaken them.”"


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