Saturday, December 02, 2023

Saturday [5 to 8]

(0650) Still pitch black out there, like in the darkest Congo ... only cold. (0713)

8.  Important

7.  Kathy from her newsletter

As for Mr Wilders, treated like the devil incarnate for saying the unsayable and having the nerve to run on the simple platform of wanting to stop immigration, especially Islamic immigration, into his country, he does have a battle on his hands. The MSM has rushed to report the struggle he's having to form a coalition. His 37 seats are not enough on their own. The so-called 'right wing' parties are not being as accommodating as the Guardian feared. They should be. They should start listening to the people Janice Davis wrote about in our pages this week. She is right. Read it here if you missed it. As ever, Mark Steyn is on the money about some of the realities of migration and multi-culturalism that are too unpleasant for the Guardian to touch.

6.  Early roundup (sans lettrage mais avec beaucoup d'outrage*)

* I know, I know but d'indignation wouldna ha' rhymed, y'ken?

5.  MftWC too

a.  Kiev lost more than 125, 000 servicemen in failed counteroffensive – Russian MOD

b.  Blinken, Israel needs a plan. Bulgaria blocks Zakharova. Ukraine on defense. The Putin winning. U/1 - Alex Christoforou

c.  Zelensky acknowledges defeat, Ukrainian army goes on defensive

d.  Zelensky - [The] Ukraine may never join NATO, Israel strikes again, Russian economy, Japan on the Moon - Levan Gudadze

e.  Another Ukrainian stronghold close to falling: Russian flag flying in western Maryinka

f.  Shameful: Zelensky is risking [The] Ukraine for his own glory! - Stephen Gardner | Col. Tony Shaffer

g.  Former spy chief says Budanov’s wife, other officials poisoned as power struggle rages in Kiev

h.  Intel Roundtable: Who killed Seth Rich? Israel/Ukraine wrap - Judge Napolitano | Ray McGovern & Larry Johnson

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