Monday, December 11, 2023

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(0749) Happy hibernation, folks. 

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Army was/is my force ... in early years in it, in middle years directly for it, salaried, in later years now in sympathy and empathy. Quite a few British Army mates and also "brats" as they like to label themselves (the gals). I've also a connection with US, Canadian, Australian and NZ forces personnel, plus French and Russian. My South African connections have been civvy. Various eastern European connections, Italian too. Austrian, Spanish.(0903)

3.  DAD at NOWP

a) After the manifestation following the murder of Thomas at Crépol the Minister of the Interior banned three (virtually unknown) right-wing groups {or were they extreme-right - I forget}.    He now wants to ban Academia Christiana.

b) The battle between the Maires and the atheists continues. While the Administrative Court of Montpellier authorised this Friday, December 8, 2023, the crèche displayed at Place de La Loge by the City of Perpignan, and no longer directly in the town hall, the League for Human Rights filed an appeal before the Council of 'State.

JH: These fanatical atheists are a real bore, total hypocrites as they push their uber alles religion and refuse to let anyone revere and enjoy their peaceful celebration ... as distinct from the atheists and deathculters combined.

c) F de Souche have filmed a Creche for your enjoyment.

d) Recently Lyon has had lots of bad press.   Here is some good news.

2.  Andy at NOWP can't leave his beloved BBC talking points alone

The story is that 200 Afghan special forces soldiers, trained by the UK have taken refuge in Pakistan. Now they are threatened with deportation, UK ministers are saying this is a betrayal.

JH: The bias is not just in the choice from the top down of what BBC apparatchiks are allowed to cover but the way they deliberately fail to mention major topics and even then show automatic Woke bias in angles and duff journalism. The entire mindset is wrong.

The issue of Afghan troops is not a non issue, don't get me wrong, plus, as an aggregating site, we cast our net wide ... but we are not a cultural enrichment site ... we are flatly opposed to Wokery in all forms.

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  An explosive new study describing “unintended immune responses” from mRNA injections has dropped a tactical nuke on Pfizer

b.  More and more lockdown experts are admitting they were wrong, now begging for forgiveness

c.  Mass Poisoning Event: a concise summary of how millions were injected with biological toxins

d.  NHS Under Fire: Whistleblower Claims Patients Were Unjustly Euthanized to Falsely Inflate C**ID Pandemic Toll

e.  Tennessee city to ban all LGBT books from county libraries

f.  Richer countries seek to grab large swathes of land in Africa as “carbon credits” to offset their own carbon emissions – it’s a colossal scam

g.  US Joins Over 60 Other Nations to tackle Climate Change

h.  Sweden Signs Deal To Let US Military Use All Its Bases


  1. Soggy greetings backatcha! Respite of approx 2 days without rain in about 3 weeks of soggy and grey days. The respite brought severe frost though. Neighbour with 20,000€ worth of solar panels complained they weren't working now due to lack of sun. Methinks installing oil CH would've been a better investment.
    Blowing a gale now too but whether the weather is cold or hot (or wet) we have to weather it whether or not.


  2. 2. Pakistan apparently wants to deport 200 Afghans it doesn't want in the country, and no one says a word. The UK would like to deport several thousand Afghans it doesn't want in the country, and the whole world claims we're racist beasts. The majority of Aghan illegal immigrants are Muslim, so why are they coming to a predominantly Christian country rather than an Islamic one? Don't their Islamic brothers want them there? Could it be that they wouldn't receive the perks of 4 star accommodation, free health care, pizza and shed loads of money without having to do anything for it? Or, is it so they can wait until their numbers have increased and they can turn this sceptered Isle into another Muslim shithole, either by force or political means? I think the jury is currently out on that.


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