Friday, December 08, 2023

Friday [10 to 15]

(0922) Morning all to this celestial Gates drear out there. Hang in there, worse things happen at sea. (0941)

15.  I never lived in this town

... nor read their local rag ... yet I support their football team and visited the place maybe a dozen times ... interesting thought at the top, esp. in the light of Julia's Fri 12:

14.  ... to add to the regular news

13.  All right, I like a bit of shlock news

12.  They are not your friends

11.  Diversity is our strength

10.  MftWC three

a.  [The] Ukraine is collapsing, Putin is in the Middle East, Cuba embraces Russian alternative to MasterCard - Levan Gudadze

b.  Washington Post tacitly admits Kiev regime is losing

c.  Putin will attack NATO and Europe unless we send money to [The] Ukraine, Biden warns | Redacted

d.  Kiev starts building ‘Zelensky Rampart’ which is hundreds times cheaper than Russian ‘Surovikin Line’

e.  Ukraine defeat, Gaza slaughter: Where is the outrage? - Judge Napolitano | Prof. Jeffrey Sachs


  1. 12: This is something many camper van owners have had to to be aware of for years. Camped on an off-road site it's OK but some overnights like French aires or wild camping places are in public areas. It's a very grey area.

  2. I understand that you 'must be in charge of the keys' for the charge to stick. So if you tuck the keys up the exhaust pipe, etc, and the Police do not find them, you are OK.

    1. Basically yes, put away and not in the ignition or a pocket. although some modern vehicles don't all have keys they have proximity thingies.


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