Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wednesday [8 to 10]

(0911) That was genuinely the time starting this … did not wait for it, it’s just gone 0912 but it will post itself at 0930. Covfefe, brek. (0935)

10. Some not so early polit screenshots

9.  Housekeeping

Quiet word, tavern patrons, after yesterday’s doings … let’s not forget that the Blgr Ggl watchers were taking it all in too, observing. Thing is, we need instant flexibility to adapt and adopt … the instant it changes, back we go to our pattern … as you were … ditch yesterday’s advice from here.

NOWP … no plan to dtart numbering 506 or 507, that was, this now is.  I’m watching the numbering thing … it’s work for me, intrusion at the top of your comment for you. My only real purposes were firstly to show you I have actually read your piece, plus it helps readers identify a piece.

I’m ambivalent on the matter, esp. watching that WP IT manager bludgeon through the scriptkiddy idea over everyone’s objections. It’s also why I do not like admin and staff designations … it’s not us … landlord and patrons seems a much more accurate descriptor, plus I like that picture of the clipper sailing past the lighthouse on rough seas.

Confession … I’ve fallen in love with schooners, the old kind, mid 1800s … if only I’d tumbled to how good they are (still) in 2013, I’d have saved much grief … the keel line alone is brilliant, ideal for tide out hard ground. Going to do a post. Too late for me to start building again, window’s closed, but it would most certainly be a schooner if I built a new boat … and in strip planking by the way, cold moulded.

8.  MftWC three

a.  German military “Would only last two days in a battle” due to weapons deliveries to Kiev

b.  Examining the Ethical Gray Areas in Modern Warfare - Judge Napolitano | Col. Doug Macgregor

c.  Kiev's military official believes conflict will go beyond [The] Ukraine

d.  Lessons from Hamas-Israel Truce on the Power of Diplomacy - Judge Napolitano | Matthew Hoh

e.  Military 'Schengen' shows EU nothing more than geopolitical pendant of NATO

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