Thursday, November 30, 2023

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25.  Public service announcement

24.  There’s an old N.O. issue

… which has reared its head again and thankfully … a beautiful example to illustrate it.

Key phrases in this are “oxygen of publicity”, plus Nuremberg Code, plus Helsinki Declaration.

The latter two concern giving sufficient data to decide. It began with not allowing any unethical medical experimentation but broadened into the public having the right to know what something really involves.

The first was about certain things we want no part of in any shape or form, e.g. Woke talking points. The problem is, the very enemy-exponents of the very thing we’re against come out and waste our time with speeches … we need a way of avoiding having to click and sit through their bollox.

I do not wish to see Podesta’s drawings, nor anything Clinton has to say, nor anything on MSNBC but if others we trust wish to, then I’ll look at their report on it, but most certainly will not click … and if it’s a blind click with no information, no warning explanation … no way.

Same with Deryl Lynn, one of the good gal tweeters:

Below that was Hancock’s speech exonerating himself from blame. Deryl was not going to watch, nor am I. Laurence Fox did and his summary was enough for me.

Allison Pearson is an MSM journo taking a more sane approach … handy that she watched in the course of her duties, as her summary would suffice as well:

And that’s all we need to know.  Laurence Fox had included the footage with the play button, had we wished, but that was it. In other words, it’s not enough to just provide access but one has to warn people what’s coming.

This is especially so with known-knowns like Hancock or, say, Codswallop in the Guardian.  We need to give our readers an escape route or at least sufficient information to enable us to decide.

At the same time, we still need to provide eventual access. Burying is ok, as long as we could access if we really really wished. I for one don’t wish.

23.  Strange day

22.  Ireland is just one visible example

… of the horrific actions of western puppets who were most certainly not elected for this:

Locals of Dromahair in County Leitrim took the drastic measure to cordon off the village on Friday amid rumors the Department of Integration was planning to bus in dozens of foreign nationals without prior agreement by community leaders.

According to the Irish Examiner, three checkpoints were erected on roads around the village and members of the Dromahair Concerned Residents Association manned the roadblocks and checked cars as they sought to enter the area.

The government plans to repurpose the Abbey Manor Hotel in the village to house dozens of asylum seekers but is facing fierce resistance as has also been seen in several other towns and villages across the country.

“If a contract is agreed, it is hoped that this property can be brought into use. Capacity and configuration will not be agreed until negotiations reach the final stage, however, it is anticipated that the capacity will be circa 155 persons,” a government spokesperson said previously.

Similar scenes have been witnessed in Rosslare Harbour where the government is attempting to scrap the planned renovation of a derelict hotel into a nursing home and cater for hundreds of “male adult” migrants in a village that has already taken its fair share of refugees.


21.  School lunches?

Moms Across America and its supporters commissioned, with support from Children’s Health Defense, extensive testing on some of the country’s most popular fast food brands.

Fast food brands were tested for veterinary drugs and hormones, glyphosate and pesticides, heavy metals, phthalates, PFAS (“forever chemicals”), minerals, vitamins, and calories.

Testing found veterinary drugs, contraceptives, and hormones in the top ten brands:
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • Chick-fil-A
  • TacoBell
  • Wendy’s
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • Domino’s
  • Chipotle
Due to large industrialized confined-animal-feeding-operation (CAFO) conditions, which include extremely close quarters, unsanitary spaces, and high incidence of disease, most of America’s non-organic meat comes from livestock that is heavily treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, and an anti-parasitic which is also a known aviary/bird contraceptive.

20.  The Chinese threat

From a thriving fentanyl business with Mexican cartels, to connections in illegal marijuana busts across the nation, alarms are being raised about Beijing's fingerprints being found on the US drug addiction crisis.

19.  Steve

War Room snippets - I would say all are essential viewing today, especially the last one:

a.  Bannon & Navarro Roast Fauci For New Evidence Showing He Covered Up COVID’s CCP Origins

b.  Dr Robert Malone: Dr Kadlec Admits Covering Up The C**ID-19 Origins

c.  Rep. Andy Biggs On Hunter Biden: "He's the scapegoat, they're willing to throw him off the bus"

d.  Ben Harnwell: The Financial Times Admits That Europe’s “Far Right” Does Not Threaten Democracy


  1. I'm just loving Musk's reaction to a question in the interview. His the comment doesn't gets better - direct at those woke elite live in the audience.

  2. Evets 1

    C**ID Vaccines linked to Explosive Rates of Cancer Deaths in Young People with 4x Vaccinated Teens, Young Adults & Middle-Aged up to Shocking 318% more likely to Die of any cause than the Unvaccinated

    Philippines notifies WHO it rejects the amendments to International Health Regulations “in toto”

    MEPs notify WHO that IHR amendments “adopted” in 2022 are null and void in the absence of evidence of a vote having taken place

    WHO notified that the Netherlands can only be bound by IHR amendments after approval by Parliament, and that hasn’t happened

    Rothschild Wants Merger Between Corporations, Governments & AI (Video)

    Musk Tells Boycotting Advertisers To “Go F**k Yourselves” (Video)

    Epstein and his lover Ghislaine Maxwell were Mossad operatives blackmailing famous personalities with videos of them bedding underage girls, book claims

    The Science Of Fear And The Racket Of War Comes Of Age …

    Western governments are covering up anti-white hate crimes

  3. Evets 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on November 30, 2023 (Map Update)

    Kissinger. Musk, Hey Bob. NATO snubs [The] Ukraine. Russia, huge stockpile. Annalena straight-talker. U/1 - Alex Christoforou

    Russians took control on Khromovo, last Ukrainian stronghold on Bakhmut outskirts

    Battlefield Ukraine - Update, Middle East, Finnish NPP shut down again, ECB vs Brussels - Levan Gudadze

    Baltic States ignore basic principles of European security

    Ukraine threatens Poland over border blockade, MP receive death threats | Redacted

    Russian military deployed new Kamikaze drone in [The] Ukraine

    Ukraine and Israel: Is China ready to pounce? - Judge Napolitano | Prof. John Mearsheimer

  4. Evets 3

    “I’d Like to See Them Shot in the Head” – Irish Immigrant Politician Calls for the Execution of Irishmen Who Protested the Stabbing of the Three Children by an Algerian National

    Ireland’s “Media Minister” Calls on Public to Report any Hate Speech Online Following Stabbing Attack by Algerian Migrant on Children (Video)

    Irish Lives Matter Slogan Now Deemed Racist — Northern Ireland Police Investigate as Hate Crime: “We are Treating the Matter as a Hate Incident”

    US Comedian Zack Fox Calls to “Kill” Geert Wilders, Twitter Support Thinks it’s OK to Call for Rape and Murder of Eva Vlaardingerbroek

    94-Year-Old Veteran Says He Was Kicked Out Of New York City Nursing Home To Make Room For Illegal Migrants

    8 out of 9 Migrant Rapists Will Avoid Jail Time After Gang Raping a 15-Year-Old German Girl

    The Failure of Western Feminism When It’s Most Needed

  5. Evets 4

    Joe Rogan Calls Out Democrats for ‘Banana Republic’ Tactics of Going After Trump in 2024: ‘They Have No Cards’ (Video)

    Vivek Ramaswamy’s National Political Director Resigns to Join Trump Campaign

    Rep. Clay Higgins Drops a Bomb on Newsmax: “Over 200” FBI Agents Embedded Within Crowd on J6 – FBI Agents Behind Talk of Violence in Chat Groups! (Video)

    Michael Shellenberger Reveals US and UK Military’s Leading Role in Censoring American Speech and Targeting Trump Supporters

    Cops Shove Woman to the Ground on J6 As She Chokes On Deadly CS Gas, Screams For Help: ‘I’m Blind… I Can’t Go Back… I Can’t Breathe’ (Watch)

    MSM Lifts the Veil on the Undeclared Ukrainian Civil War Between President Zelensky and General Zaluzhny

    Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Pfizer for Misrepresentation of C**ID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Information Censorship


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