Tuesday, October 03, 2023

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Evening all.

27.  IYE quotes a lady on a coinky-dink

“Here it is in one post to make it easy to share:
Does anyone remember this about Letitia James....?
In 2001, the media admitted that they were shocked when she lost her election for Brooklyn Councilmember to James Davis because she was heavily funded, backed and supported by the Democrat party. Immediately after the loss, the investigations and smear campaigns against James Davis began in the media and to the public.
On July 23rd 2003, James Davis was murdered at City Hall. After the murder of James Davis, Eric Adams,who was slated to run, decided not to. The primary candidate was supposed to be Geoffrey Davis until he too was smeared in the media and then heavily-funded Letitia James won the seat. What a coinky dink!”

26.  This is part five

As more and more songs of this nature are run in this themed mini-series, ending Thursday, it becomes more and more difficult to define the genre … Dearieme called it “daft”, I’d call it “crackers”, across jazz, blues, pop, whatever, but there are some songs I’m not sure do fit in. 

For example, the Tuba Skinny version of Blues My Naughty was hardly crackers, hardly manic, nor really are Flanders and Swann, nor Tom Learer, much as I like them … clever, very clever yes. Plus age does come into it … they really needed to be vaguely around our age in the 70s.

Bad Manners played ska but they could also do pop, in a loony way:

FirstSecondThird. Fourth. Tomorrow part six.

25.  Cyber woes

As you’ve noticed, DAD’s been having NOWP woes today and if it seems I’m hardly helping … there are things though I don’t know is the cyber situation at that end … device, other things acting on the system, things WP at this end shuts out for security reasons … there are any number of possible reasons, inc. trigger words … even Micron and France, perhaps the EU itself.

WP itself is one of the least user friendly platforms now in free website form, which is why I’ve kept to using it this way.  With the old, private WP, it was better but then it too went down with this “blocks” rubbish. I can’t even set security levels with this one, my second earliest site by the way, still going.

My feeling … and that’s all it is … is that a change of IP address would help, also change of moniker and lastly euphemising language … there’s not a lot DAD can do about links though. It’s interesting that two of our French contingent have more issues … yet Ivan seems not to … with him, being a techie means he can vary IPs, do different snazzy things to get around it, plus he’s hardly provocative, Ivan.

If it does not improve, then I may have to get the Jstack going again … it’s a pain even for me to get into, to post things.  Watching closely, all right?

24.  Good question

23.  It’s the cynical way it’s done now

… when there was plenty of time earlier … that cynicism is offputting:

22.  There seems to be a bit of this around just now

… and I’m wondering why hubbies?

21.  The conundrum

20.  As it says below


19.  DAD at NOWP

a)  European Union commissioner designate for climate action Wopke Hoekstra has proposed taxing fossil fuels on a global basis and vowed to phase out EU fossil fuel subsidies in a hearing with the climate committee in the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

Shell stint adds to controversy as Wopke Hoekstra bids to be next EU climate chief

During the hearing of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) held on 2 October, Hoekstra stressed the importance of phasing out fossil fuels, as well as their subsidies.


b) Largest EV Charging Station In World Powered By Diesel-Powered Generators. 

18.  Digger

n14. Towards the end of that interview TC talks about genetically modified humans. This substack shows how it can be done thru the "poojabs". Worth a squint, imho.


17.  Steve

War Room sponsored:

Hearts of Oaks with Gareth Icke: How the EU Shuts Down Dissenting Voices



  1. 24. When I was taught to drive {by a lady as it happened} she always stressed that one should do any manoeuvrer at the end of a drive whilst the engine was still hot, not on a cold engine.

    Sixty years later I still remember that advice.

    {Space-bar and enter key work OK here, but not on NOWP)

  2. MftWC 1

    Government Reports & Pfizer Documents reveal a Sinister Agenda exists to Depopulate the Planet through C**ID Vaccination


    The Nobel Prize was won for what?!?


    Plasmid DNA in Pfizer and Moderna injections can enter the nucleus of our cells in 5 different ways


    Alarming C**ID Jab Contamination Shocks Scientists


    Young individuals vaccinated against C**ID-19 are getting increasingly diagnosed with cancer


    I**rmectin and cancer, it has at least 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action


    Trudeau’s Liberals Paid WEF For Report Justifying Climate Change Policies


    Scientists agree on the actual cause of CO2 increase


  3. MftWC 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on October 3, 2023 (Map Update)


    Annalena, Lisbon to Luhansk. Politico, USSR WW2 not so simple. Ukraine corruption secret doc. U/1


    NATO-Trained Ukrainian conscripts surrendering en masse


    Ukraine is losing Western support, friction between Russia and Armenia, India vs Canada, Ruble


    Mass graves on Ukrainian positions around Bakhmut (Videos 18+)


  4. MftWC 3

    Ukraine Still Losing Despite US Aid - Judge Napolitano | Tony Shaffer


    UK’S former Defence Secretary wants more young Ukrainians on the battlefield


    "Women must report for duty!" Ukraine desperately calling girls to fight | Redacted News


    Kiev's uphill fight for any victories


    NATO pushes war against Serbia as violence erupts in Kosovo | Redacted with Clayton Morris


  5. Reversing into a parking slot?
    Because it easier to drive off without shuffling back and forward reversing out because you have no idea how far the back of the car is from that thing you do not want to hit, and the ginormous SUV that has parked beside you does not allow you space to steer. All the while a queue of cars wait for you finish.

  6. MftWC 4

    Letitia James Leaves Courtroom without Granting Interview After Judge Tosses Out 80% of Her Case Against Trump


    Tucker on Twitter Ep. 27: Tucker Carlson and Victor Davis Hanson Discuss ‘Grotesque Parody’ of US Legal System as Trump Attends New York Court in Front of Laughing Judge and Glaring Attorney General


    Far-Left New York Judge Engoron Issues Gag Order in Trump Fraud Trial


    Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Kevin McCarthy After Filing Motion to Vacate Chair: ‘I Don’t Own Kevin McCarthy Anymore, Democrats Can Have Him’ (Video)


    DOJ Reveals Reason for J6er’s Secretive Sentencing – Defendant Samuel Lazar Was Working with Feds – Updated


    General Mike Flynn Warns 2024 May Be the Last Election We Have As a Republic


  7. MftWC 5

    New Electric Vehicle Battery Factory in Kansas is Demanding So Much Energy that State Needs to Keep Coal Plant Open Just to Power It


    Unelected Bureaucrats Want to Make it a Crime to Ignore Their Green Ideology!


    Pentagon Warns Congress That it’s Running Low on Cash to Replace the Weapons We’ve Sent to Ukraine


    Department of Defense Deputy Chief Arrested for Running Dogfighting Ring for Over 20 Years


    Tucker Carlson’s Story About the Russian Revolution Is Terrifying – Are We Living in a Similar Time?


    Paris Is Infested With Bedbugs – Authorities Seek to Control Situation Ahead of Next Year’s Summer Olympics


  8. 24. I almost never reverse in unless reversing out would be into traffic. Cars pointing out are more likely to be stolen.

    1. ditto: - the theft thing nails it for me! (plus access to the boot)

    2. JH: Yep, it was a good point.


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