Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday [8]

(0953) Morning all! Juss doin’ a bit of detective work on myself. Last genuine blog activity at 0338, scheduled the 5 a.m. in round numbers, crashed at 0400 to some jazz, of all things. Surfaced around 0950.  Added to the two hours already slept, pretty good going … not so good for the blog though. 

Am about to start the day’s blogging, creaky right knee … just know you were dying to know that. Definite lurgy, rib seems more than a bruise, possible hairline, mild, nothing to do but wait it out. Right, back to work. (1051)

8.  Premonitions

There really are things where we consciously do them and only in the fullness of time do we see how fortuitous they were. No need to tell me the case for the opposed view that there’s nothing in it whatever … look, you have the lurgy and an uncooperative rib, you silly sod (referring to me here, I hastily add) … what do you expect but you’ll oversleep, in your terms?

Yes, my alter-ego has a point, except we then lay all the cases, stretching back, of these fortuitous narrow escapes … but I get ahead of myself. You see, this training thing was ordered yesterday and today is a scheduled training day, so logically I need it for today, plus Amz had me down for today before 1 p.m. as a default but I changed it to tomorrow for some unknown reason. Who was to know I’d be in sandman land so long.

Now, not going to bore you with the hundreds of cases but it did cause a friend to once speculate “charmed” life, whilst so “unlucky” in other ways. My Christian friends would have a different explanation but before “courting fate”, let me suddenly switch to the opposite situation … where I was not so lucky.

On Sunday, nothing happened, like that accountant and wife Enid in Python. Foreboding day, gloomy but essentially, there were none of the usual bikes and cars without mufflers tearing up and down the road outside, at maybe 110 decibels, none of the noisemaking in this house as some clown decides on a bit of circular saw or drilling DIY … in short … nothing happened.  Good for the rib and lurgy, wot?

Early evening, I started writing a post item on evil and named an entity in it. This now is honest to God truth … the industrial works started up there and then … not earlier, not a few minutes later … there and then … with the loud, area-wide beep beep beep of safety on various machines, plus the woman screaming out from some low loader in reverse: “This vehicle is reversing, this vehicle is reversing, this vehicle is reversing.”  How far away? I’d say three-quarters of a mile, wind blowing this way.  Cars and bikes started tearing up and down the road.

On Sunday early evening.

I finished the post item, did not mention that name again … and it ceased. 

I swear it ceased there and then. 

Actually, I don’t swear by a certain good entity because I recall an instruction in the good book not to swear at all but to let my communication be yea or nay, that’s all.  So, instead of saying to you now not to tempt fate, I’ll say instead not to tempt Clif’s “Universe” or not to tempt the Christian God. Let’s just say that if I had a £GB for every anomaly which uncannily occurred … well you know how it goes.

Clif is not wrong about psychic premonition, about the course of events but he’s consumed by this ability he so dearly wants to foresee, soothsay etc. I on the other hand am not consumed in the least by that, though we be merry ferreters all at this place. I’m not in the least interested in doing an Imhotep and Ank Sun***** because that way lie nasties you just do not wish to meet. 

So I give all that a wide berth … for example, the statue of Ish*** in NY harbour bearing witness to 911 or the Pergamon stage at Soetoro’s acceptance speech or any of those.

In fact, going back to my days in Russia, I was warned by one who does know of such things not to “invoke” them, especially by chant and “vain repetitions”.  

You see, dear reader, there are so many words of quite valid warning throughout history but because the explanations at the time, of the reasons for the warnings, are mysteriously missing, like a Dr. Michelle Gold blacked out text in her submission to that MSM article, like something the CIA or FBI is finally compelled to release, even if Kevin McCarthy does his darndest to delay, nobble, sanitise it … just like that, I do say to you, do not invoke the future, not actively, not like Skynet.

To foresee is fine, to warn of is fine once it seems valid … that’s our stock in trade at N.O., that’s what we do here as a gang … but to actively try to invoke, given our limited perception … and are heavily into blanket denial of forces or powers … an abjectly stoopid act of denial … then it’s not unlike a matador blindfolding or blinkering himself, then charging onto the arena, the bull smiling: “Hey, I have a sporting chance here you know.”

Just to repeat myself in other words … do NOT invoke. Foresee for sure, report it, take action to avoid disasters, e.g. the Net Zero evil, the death jabs, poisoned masks, rainbow wrecking of the sanctity of marriage and family … do all that for sure, even take action to stymie or put spanners in the works … but actually playing god with something you don’t fully understand … that’s as loony as the Globopsychos themselves. That’s as stoopid as the State trying to play mother or father to your children.

But who listens to me anyway?  Here endeth the rant.

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