Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday [4 to 7]


7.  A couple more

6.  Kanekoa ... further

Senator Elizabeth Warren published an article on her website on the vulnerabilities of the United States' election system titled "Strengthening Our Democracy" on June 25, 2019: "The harsh truth is that our elections are extremely vulnerable to attack: Forty-two states use voter registration databases that are more than a decade old. Laughably, in 2019, some still use Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Twelve states still use paperless machines, meaning there’s no paper trail to verify vote counts. Some states don’t require post-election audits. And ten states don’t train election officials to deal with cybersecurity threats." web.archive.org/web/2019091701

5.  An issue with NOWP and Twitter

When IYE runs a linked tweet below those two of mine, they open up to full graphic ... mine are left as links. Why?

4.  Man from the West Country one

a.  Neil Oliver, First UK National Broadcaster On Corporate News To Debate Allegations of State Democide Using Midazolam


b.  Viral Social Media Post: Bill Gates’ Massive C-19 Profiteering Exposed


c.  Another victim of C-19 pandemic: the doctor-patient relationship


d.  Biden Regime and NATO may be collaborating with Bill Gates to attack Russia with virus-spreading genetically-mutated mosquitoes


e.  FBI Agent Implicated in Big Tech Censorship is Subpoenaed After Interview Suddenly Cancelled (Video)



  1. Digger
    5. this is the link you posted


    which didn't open.

    I always "clean up" any twitter links I leave to remove the trail left behind which identify to who knows whom from whence I obtained it to protect sources as far as poss. I do this by removing anything after the final number in the url from the "?" onwards.
    Using your link as an example this


    becomes this

    I hope that helps. It is what I did to that Brand/Kanekoa tweet last night which opened up as usual.

    If it doesn't work and I've just posted a load of gibberish then they're picking on you! :)

    1. Ta Digger … I do generally do that but something non compost in the old brain lately. Ta again.

  2. Digger.

    5 again. B*gger! Scrap the above!
    I just tried that and failed. LOL!

  3. One of our aircraft is missing.
    Many military aircraft use the voice of a woman, for reasons, to warn of impending trouble and instruct on required action.
    Certain pilots are not going to listen to another woman telling them what to do.

  4. Digger
    5. I tried it again and my suggestion worked when I put it as an independent comment but the same link failed when I put it in a reply to your comment.

    *scratches head and heads for the coffee pot.....

  5. Steve


    The F-35B is the VTOL version of the Lightning II, the 'A' is a straightforward fixed-wing and the 'C' is the carrier version with a larger wing area, folding tips and arrestor hook. The United States Marine Corps operates the F-35B. The USAF operates the 'A' and the US Navy the 'C'. The plane that flew on without a pilot was a Marine Corp F-35B. You can't get the staff these days.

    1. JH: Ta Steve … going to gather all these soonish and make a stand alone post.

      Ta also prm.

  6. Jon - Re item 7. One of the early actions of the Ejection Cycle is to disconnect electrical services from the aircraft to the seat. This action upsets the aircraft somewhat and in a fit of pique fries its own brains. What happens beyond that is any ones guess.


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