Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday [20 to 23]

(1329) Getting ’ungry like now, John … need brek.* (1411). Short break for a burger brek, readers. Some sort of music, possibly Mozart, after that. (1413)

23.  Ian J

re Health and the weather; This site seems a useful predictor for my joints, it might help explain your probs:


22.  Latish early roundup sort of thingy

Yeah?  You should see the English women … wonder what they do to each other each night? No actually … not wondering that at all … don’t want to know.

Anyone er … need a used policeman or policewoman?  Going cheap.  Sorry officer, I never wrote that. Scout’s honour.

21.  Woodsy42

Mon 23 - well isn't meant to be a stealth aircraft?
Reminded me of this sad tale from the strange mind of Les Barker 


20.  MftWC four (how many of these are there? 😁)

a.  Ukraine corruption? Zelensky Explains his Plans - Judge Napolitano


b.  As US sends cluster munitions to [The] Ukraine, three more countries destroy stockpiles


c.  [The] Ukraine corruption? Intel and journalism - Judge Napolitano | Phil Giraldi


d.  Ukrainian child abductors ” White Angle” and “Phoenix” are supervised by NATO structures and act on Zelensky’s personal orders


e.  Bodies of tortured Russian pilots of hijacked MI-8 returned from [The] Ukraine and indentified


*Stolen from Splodginessabounds:


  1. In other news I hear that the Joker is taking a break from tennis, missing the china Open and the Shanghai Masters. A twit thread I saw shows a tremendous amount of love poured out to him. It seems that his stance against certain persuasions hasn't damaged his reputation around the world.

  2. Steve

    Reading that English Flowers tweet reminded me of what came out of the mouth of a senior Imam in Sweden recently. Broadly translated he said in 15 years they (Muhammadans) would have controlling power in Stockholm. Moving on:

    War Room snippets...

    Rep. Tim Burchett On Leading The Fight For Fiscal Sanity


    Frank Bill Joins War Room To Discuss The End Of The Patriarchy



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