Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday [16 to 19]

(1228) S’pose I’d best try some breakfast, keep the strength up and all that.  Afternoon all, by the way. (1327)

19.  Quite liked this one


18.  Naughty online behaviour

I sometimes run Bobbie here too.

17.  From one of the pre-election proliferation of Woke left sites

For a start … President?  He’s not the President, Trump is. Second … scores a victory? That vegetable crim? Third … why were they not got out before? Why only now he needs a Reagan boost?

Anyone voting Demrat is insane, should really not have the vote. Anyone voting RINO … same.

16.  MftWC three

a.  Military situation in Southern Ukraine on September 18, 2023 (Map Update)


b.  Find my F-35. Elensky, why does Russia vote Putin? Long, limited war. Is a pencil strong or weak? U/1


c.  Russian forces struck Ukrainian ports, warehouses with (sic) Storm Shadow missiles, depleted uranium ammunition and other targets


d.  Battlefield Ukraine - Kleshcheevka fell, NATO - Long war, F-35 crashed, Regime change in Georgia - Levan Gudadze


e.  Russian servicemen won battle against 12 Ukrainians near Urozhainoe, Zaporozhie front (Video)



  1. re Health and the weather; This site seems a useful predictor for my joints, it might help explain your probs:


    1. JH: “ a useful predictor for my joints”

      Ta Ian … do you use the carboard inner at the end, or just the stuck together filter papers? Not that I know of such things myself. 😎


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