Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday [1 to 3]


3.  The election fraud, largely through cyber crime

First you might consider these by IYE at NOWP:

... plus this:

It's of course not only the actual anomalies and discrepancies, the violations themselves but the fundamental principle that at any station specifically, that result is therefore suspended until a bipartisan investigative panel can determine, unanimously, just what did happen

And as for elctronic voting discrepancies in any proportions ... why would that not invalidate the entire election until the same investigative process took place?

Ah, you rightly note ... the whole point of Matt Gaetz railing against McCarthy is that he is anything but bipartisan in the sense of opposing the Demrats on their fraud.

2.  To get more specific about what's being done by these 'people'

... go to Monday [19] ... Kara McKinney of OANN and at 10:10 of her speech, she says pretty much what Ann B had said in her video ... about being so "nice" about this for way too long, bowing to and complying with a false sense of right and wrong. 

Kara says that for so long, we've been drinking the kool aid, drunk on the sollipsism of the left who long ago framed what was going to be seen in the future as "neutral", what was "normal".

It is NOT normal to agree, as an adult, to mutilate children so you can pretend their biology is not what you wish it to be. Nor is terminating children as a lifestyle and thus there is this:

... and this:

... and if that completely disproportionate punishment for acting to protect children is too rich for your blood or you don't like the Christian overtones, then what of this?

The word is "disproportionate". I put, in the subheading, 'people' in inverted commas because they have largely sunk now to becoming monsters and sollipsists. In the case of children reaching the age of majority now and therefore voting, we're talking a whole generation of brainwashed condoning clear wrong.

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