Monday, September 18, 2023

Try these

  1. Which inland body of water, the world’s largest, is bounded by Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan?
  2. Which element has the highest atomic number of these? a) Moscovium b) Rutherfordium c) Oganesson
  3. Which is the second of the Noble gases with an atomic number of 10? a) Neon b) Helium c) Oxygen 
  4. Where would you find the Glabella? a) Face b) Stomach c) Bones
  5. What name is shared by an english town, a racecourse and a card game?
  6. The DB6, the Atom and the Vantage are all models from which car manufacturer?
  7. Which opera by Verdi takes its title from the name of the hunch-backed court jester?


  1. 1. The Caspian Sea
    2. Neon
    5. Newmarket?
    6. Aston Martin?

  2. JH: All those correct, which leaves 2 and 4 I believe.

  3. Evets 5

    Weak Kevin McCarthy: Trump Has Nomination Secured – “DeSantis Is Not at the Same Level as President Trump by Any Shape or Form” (Video)

    President Donald Trump Crushing Joe Biden in Latest Polls

    Former Attorney General Ed Meese Submits Court Declaration Calling Prosecution of Trump DOJ Official Jeff Clark ‘A Major Affront to Federal Supremacy Never Seen Before’

    Hunter Biden Sues IRS After Whistleblowers Reveal He Was Given Sweetheart Deal for Not Paying Taxes on Millions in Illicit Business Deals

    Oversight Committee Issues Statement Following Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit Against the IRS: “Witness Intimidation Is Just Another Dirty Tactic by the Hunter Biden Legal Team”

    Attorneys For IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley Respond to Hunter Biden Lawsuit Against IRS

    Biden Names Multi-Billionaire Heiress and Obama Mega-Donor Penny Pritzker to Oversee Ukraine’s Economic Recovery

    Trump Vows To End Child Trafficking and Says “God’s Children Are Not For Sale” (Video)

  4. You is avin a laff. Eny fule kno that Glabella is a pop singer.


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