Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thursday [22 onwards]

(1730) Evening all.

28.  Reader Bob news

(2254) First I need to get out of bed, get to the writing room with covfefe ... give me fifteen minutes maybe.

(2259) The good part is that Reader Bob is still with us ... just ... and has a long road ahead to stay that way ... as if life were not difficult enough. He described Isilme as his rock and ain't that the truth. Toodles is involved in this too ... too complicated, all this.

Just between you and me, don't tell anyone now, but my ex-love was also telling me this evening the Russian situation from the heartland there and Steve and you patrons of our tavern pretty much have it nailed. The Ukr is literally hell on earth ... even the Ukes say it's primarily NATO, evil bstds.  Even now drone strafing Russia, hoping to get the nuclear response.  

My ex-gf (better way to put it as the love is not ex) ... she just sent two things, one in Russian, this one in English from a retired US officer ... both say the same in effect:

I'm afraid we can't get away from this war spilling over onto the spiritual plane, much as some might wish it were so. If they're incapable of comprehending an extra-physical, historically more comprehensive overview, then it's probably more blissful so to be, coz it ain't pretty, that's for sure.

Approaching midnight, literally GMT+1 plus figuratively, where are we? Still alive at this point, at the precipice ... let's see if the same power which kept Reader Bob this side of the line will also stymie those desolate bstds, the globopsychos, rout them.

Y'all have a good night now.

27.  Try Emmy’s test

Nos 6, 14, 17 ... never.  The problematic ones for me to decide are n10 if you count speeding fines and having to report to the police station as arrest, then yes ... n18 hmmmm, we became an item from that day but it started as such ... n19 YMCA as a boy, plus at a country BBQ in Russia where all the men swam and banya'd, never with women though, the women were in the house.

26.  Nice

25.  Some politics

24.  Via Appy on Gab

It’s not completely a joke, that … Amz say that my parcel of gym kit was posted in my letterbox … eh?  It would never fit, plus it was handed to me direct.

23.  Pop rock

… is notoriously difficult to categorise … for Digger, DAD and others, it’s just discordant cacophony or 12atonalism but for headbangers, it gives them some meaning it seems. Certain of what’s touted as metal is just noise to my ears, esp all this play satanic stuff with some tough dressed little guy screaming … a mate said he liked the beat. Beat? What beat? It’s just screaming.

Now this one from Lord Somber … what genre would you call it? Coz I like it:

Why would I like that, yet Ozzy Shazzahubby leaves me cold on stage?

22.  Steve

War Room snippets...

a.  Jack Posobiec: “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Missing Children Coming Out Of Ukraine”

b.  Kane Joins War Room To Give His Analysis Of Newly Released Polls Showing Trump Surge

c.  Merrick Garland Testifies Before House Judiciary Panel And Is Confronted On His Lies To America

d.  Jeff Clark Discusses Merrick Garland’s Performance Today In Congress


  1. Replies
    1. Toodles ~

      Dad! Didn’t say I particularly liked it but still stand by my statement. lordsomber can dig up the most obscure, crazy, apropos selections.

      Perhaps were the song played using a harpsichord you would be more inclined to dance a jig or sway rhythmically to it!😉🤭

  2. MftWC 1

    DARPA & Moderna teamed up to create mRNA Gene Therapy Injections which led to a Deadly C**ID “Vaccine”

    The C**ID-19 Vaccines cause a new form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; here’s all the evidence..

    Consumer watchdog group in Canada determines C**ID-19 vaccines “neither safe, nor effective”

    Nick Hudson: The cult of “trust the science”

    Almost No Legacy Media Coverage On Worsening Southern Border Crisis

    America’s Children Are Under Attack At School

    Wildfires, urban fires, climate change and economic depression have something in common but it is not CO2

  3. I'm a six too. Mine are most of the naughty ones.

  4. MftWC 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on September 21, 2023 (Map Update)

    Poland; No more weapons, Ukraine drowning man. Elensky refuses freeze. Assad in China. U/1

    US and G-7 incorrectly expect the Ukrainian conflict to last another 6 OR 7 years

    Battlefield Ukraine, Warsaw vs Kiev, Victory for Azerbaijan, German economy loses - Russian gains - Levan Gudadze

    Zelensky's Fruitless UN Visit - Judge Napolitano | Karen Kwiatkowski

  5. #27 Strange as it might seem my score is 15

  6. MftWC 3

    Strikes hit [The] Ukraine after large-scale drone attack on RUSSIA (Photos)

    Schumer Bows to Zelensky - Judge Napolitano | Matt Hoh

    How NATO caused the Ukraine War - Judge Napolitano | Scott Ritter

    Russian MOD reveals target of recent strikes on [The] Ukraine (Videos)

    Is Western Support for Ukraine Crumbling? Judge Napolitano | Alastair Crooke

  7. MftWC 4

    “Pay Attention!” – Rep. Troy Nehls Forces Attorney General Merrick Garland to Watch ‘Son of a Bitch’ Video of Joe Biden Bragging About Threatening Ukraine to Fire Viktor Shokin (Video)

    Feds Blocked Probe Into ‘Criminal Violations’ Involving Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign and Politically Connected Lawyer Who Paid Hunter’s Large Tax Debts

    Former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s Shocking Admission Regarding Federal Assets at US Capitol Grounds on Jan 6

    Joseph Flynn Calls GA Lawyer Lin Wood A “Rat Bastard” After His Name Appears On Witness List In Case Against Trump

    President Trump Makes Surprise Appearance at Crowded Iowa Pub After Campaign Speeches – Signs Beaming Young Woman’s Top and Dishes Out Pizzas While Massive Crowd Cheers

    Peruvian Illegal Alien Released Into US by Biden Regime Brutally Murders American in Houston

    New York’s Democrat Gov. Hochul Blasts Illegal Aliens: “If You’re Going to Leave Your Country, Go Somewhere Else!” (Video)

  8. MftWC 5

    Confronted on Explicit Pornographic Books Offered to Kids, Colorado School District Blocks Libs of TikTok Domain

    Critics Aren’t Buying Story Of Why Pilot Ejected From $100 Million F-35 Fighter Jet Before It Crashed—Here’s What They’re Saying

    Mainstream “Newsweek” Wakes up to Reality: “$113 Billion in Modern Arms Hardly Dented Russian Lines”

    Ukrainian Ungratefulness and Entitlement Went Too Far, so Poland’s Decision to Stop Supplying Weapons to Ukraine May Signal the Beginning of the End to Kiev’s Regime

    McCarthy Denies Zelensky’s Request to Address Congress

    J.D. Vance: Five Years From Now, We’re Going to Find Lots of People Have Gotten Rich off the Ukraine War (Video)

    Experts, Media Wrong! C**ID Vaccine mRNA Ends up in Mothers’ Milk

  9. Toodles~
    27. 10

    Which are naughty ones, Andy?

  10. The genre is parody. Probably clearer from this video:

    1. JH: How would Bill Bernbach react though? Would he demand more wimmin?


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