Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday is part four

The crits by the chaps on the various Wimseys I agree with, including how good these four episodes turned out to be. Really, following this final episode of the Bellona serial, it was a happy conjunction of composition that made it so watchable, inc. a restrained Carmichael.

One review of the episode below:

It's been a long mystery, but ultimately well worth the wait, it's so skillfully crafted, with a rewarding solution, talk about justice, it's interesting to see just how tough the amiable Lord Peter is, a terrific ending.

Sadly, imho only, some of the other stories were (cough) not as much fun and I’m trying to work out why. For example, the one involving poison had a most unpleasant female lead, a real feminazi of the most insufferable kind … Harriet Vane. She’s bearable here.

Then there was one with someone galloping on a horse in the shallows at the beach and the same female lead was in it but it was more that of the murder itself … improbable, not seen but gruesome nonetheless … just an unpleasant tale all round. 

Which reminded me of my least favourite of all … Gaudy Night … horrible. I’ve been in all-female company many, many times and it wasn’t as catty and spiteful as that. Perhaps the very fact that a man was allowed in their presence was testimony to them not being manhaters, those particular ladies. I’ve known many ex girls from all girls schools but again … they were far from manhaters. Dragons they most certainly were not.

Just been reading about Sayers’ own story and the blackguard she was involved with … well yes, all right, it makes Harriet Vane more sympathetic of course … chivalry starts to stir in the ashes.

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