Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday [21 till close of play]

Evening all, hope you had a relaxing one.

25.  Showdown

24.  They target kids as you know

... but did you know the kids then target you, at their suggestion, with malware ... charming. And the cause?  All self-affirming goodness, innit:

23.  Vox Day introspective over there

Perhaps we are all just tilting at windmills. But so what? Dragons or windmills, some of us are just born to tilt.

I always come back to Mr. Satterthwaite from Agatha Christie's Mr. Quin ... he's addressing a woman about to commit suicide:
“You say your life is your own,” went on Mr Satterthwaite to her, “But can you dare to ignore the chance that you are taking part in a gigantic drama under the orders of a Divine Producer? You, as you, may not matter to anyone in the world but you as a person in a particular place and a particular context may matter unimaginably.”
I'm really a firm believer in this ... just a word here, just being there ... you don't really know your whole effect on people or on the course of events ... and it cuts both ways ... not being there or a cutting word. I've been guilty.

22.  Just had a report from Isilme

It's up and down there, off critical but issues, not blog material. Those praying, please don't stop, whatever you do ... it needs a heap of it right now.

21.  Steve

Two monologues from Neil. The first at home on Friday, the second from the GB News studio last night - Neil doesn't choose his interlocutor, that's the producer's job. He/she is under intense pressure from station management who themselves are getting it in the neck from the regulator, Ofcom.

Neil Oliver: ‘…will they come for you next?’

'People talk and the truth will out!' | Neil Oliver on the Online Safety Bill


  1. Evets 1

    New German study: mRNA C**id injections make a third of healthcare workers sick

    Squalene in vaccines can cause our immune systems to self-destruct; it also decimates shark populations

    Study: 34% of children put on transgender puberty blockers end up becoming mental cases

    Canadian Town Council is schooled on how 15-minute cities are the gateway to total digital surveillance and control

    This is the Sign You Have Been Waiting For – This is Now Tyranny

    Climate Dissent You’re Not Hearing About Muffled by Society’s Top Institutions

    As Biden’s Border Crisis Spirals Out-Of-Control, The National Guard Rolls Into Eagle Pass, Texas

    The US is in the throes of a total financial collapse, followed by the Mark of the Beast..

  2. Evets 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on September 24, 2023 (Map Update)

    Kyiv running out of Leopard tanks, ATACMS for [The] Ukraine, The first line of Russian defense is holding - Levan Gudadze

    Kiev forces continue to bleed in Kupyansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye & Kherson (Videos)

    What Elon Musk just did in [The] Ukraine could change everything | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    Ukrainian servicemen caught by surprise in close combat (Video 18+)

  3. Evets 3

    "They will have to leave or be killed" Armenia revolution unfolds, calls for new government - Clayton Morris | Patrick Lancaster

    Another wave of Ukrainian attacks ends with failure (Videos)

    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict ends, Pashinyan refuses to step down - The Duran

    Seymour Hersch on the mainstream’s Ukraine narrative shift

    The experience of war

  4. Evets 4

    Pollster Rasmussen Says “Election Fraud Renders Scientific Election Forecasting Worthless” – Will Start Sharing Evidence

    Michigan Dems Passing Bill Making “Intimidating” Election Officials a Felony, Want to Imprison Ballot Challengers

    Tucker Carlson in Michigan Speech: ‘If Lying Was a Crime, Your Governor Would be in Supermax for Life’ (Video)

    Fireworks! Matt Gaetz Goes Toe to Toe With Maria Bartiromo Over Speaker McCarthy and GOP Budget Battle (Video)

    Trump Leads Biden 52 to 42 in New ABC/WaPo Poll

    Study Finds That Mexican Cartels Rank as Fifth Largest Employer in Mexico – 175,000 People Employed by 150 Groups

    “There is No American Tradition of Limiting Ammunition Capacity” – Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

  5. Evets 5

    UFC Fighter Holds Bible After Big Win and Says Fires in Hawaii Were Man-Made to Steal Land from Natives (Video)

    Elites Enjoy Lavish Dinner at Palace of Versailles While Discussing Climate Change

    Meat Grinder Tops 80,000 Casualties Against “Colossal Anti-Tank Mines and Enemy Forces”

    Wounded Ukrainian Soldier Vows to ‘Shoot Himself in the Leg’ Rather Than Go Back to the Front – Russian Forces Have a New Radio Frequency to Inform Kiev’s Troops How to Surrender, 800 Troops Have Done So

    Embalmer Reveals 50% of Bodies Containing “White, Fibrous” Clots Since April/May 2021

    People Planning to Get New C**id-19 Vaccine Are Getting Hit With High Fees

    Mayo Clinic Website Now Says Hydroxychloroquine Can Be Used to Treat C**ID-19 Patients, Previously Claimed It Was Not Effective


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