Sunday, September 17, 2023

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18.  Still not all that well

... but these two need running because they hit key principles of concern to us.

First is from Microdave just now, about Boebert and "beau".  There are just so many things wrong about it, about her, about her abject hypocrisy, her doubling down, her naivety ... about her attempting to laugh it away.  

Brand is one thing but he's a known sleaze, so it's no big deal in one way.

Boebert though is outraging the Christian right due to things I'm about to outline.

There are three points of view ... the Christian right and that's pretty clear ... she's now lost those voters ... not for her actions, not at all ... but for her weak lack of remorse, for her attempt to bluff it through. Bad stuff. Real Christians must forgive if the remorse is genuine. She's displaying the opposite of remorse.

Then there are two secular, anti-Woke points of view ... one is the conservative rationalist, the majority of people at our site who see things through the lens of political strategy and are down on her for the enormous damage ... but then there are the secular libertarians or libertines who say anything goes, none of our biz, what's the big deal? They're closest to the left itself, saying there are no principles, just do your thang, everything's relative.

And these are the three anti-Woke, separate points of view, separate angles, separate places where people are coming from ... and yet overlapped in me for example.

I have some of the libertarian "none of your business" in my view, due to the two times I myself went to a theatre ... same theatre by the way, called Druzhba (Friendship) ... seven years apart ... different lady each time and certain things occurred ... so I'm hardly in any position to do the Mary Whitehouse.

However, she's lost the two groups who insist there are things called ethics, things you just don't do. The ones she's battling to retain are one of these two groups ... the secular conservatives who see her actions as bloody naive and stupid ... and that's my major beef with her too.

All right, onto the next thing ... the young Scot I sometimes run ... he's clearly arguing from biblical principles, his concern is the soul of the human. So the video is unashamedly from this angle. But at the same time, he wades right into secular conservative, antiWoke politics, as our site here does, no holds barred.

Now that's very interesting. See, he's not primarily political, as we are at N.O. ... yet his take on faith leads him to the same place we've reached, politically. I'm suggesting that all those modern, rainbow and gender confused churches now are anything but Christian ... Bergoglio Wokery is devilry, as one tweeter wrote today.

Interesting how he reached this point, the young Scot.

17.  Potpourri of postings


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    Behind the curtain of relentless bare-faced lying there is no climate emergency

  2. MftWC 2

    Military situation in [The] Ukraine on September 17, 2023 (Map Update)

    Lavrov, US waging war. WSJ, counter offensive rain delay. Sahel alliance. Kadyrov alive. U/1

    Russian army deals more blows to Kiev forces on the front (Videos)

    Battlefield Ukraine - Andreevka fell, 300,000 Russians joined the army. Largest NATO exercise - Levan Gudadze

    Russian army thwarts drone attacks on Crimea, Moscow & Voronezh

    What The US Will Learn, And Not Learn, From Its War In [The] Ukraine

  3. MftWC 3

    Maria Bartiromo Blasts Speaker McCarthy After He Says Hunter Biden Will Get Subpoenaed at the Right Time (Video)

    Connecticut Democrat Primary Election Scandal: Police Launch Investigation into Fraud After Video Evidence Uncovered of Town Clerk Dumping Multiple Illegal Absentee Ballots Into a Drop Box (Video)

    It’s Not Over Yet: Kari Lake Files 74-Page Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs, Election Officials

    “Everyone Will Have to Prove Their Identity Before They Vote” – Robert Kennedy Jr. Proposes Plan to Prevent ID Fraud at Voting Booths and More (Video)

    Child Poverty Rate Has More Than Doubled in a Year, US Census Bureau Reports

  4. MftWC 4

    Kamala Harris Thinks Government Must Enforce Equal Outcomes – Also Known as Communism (Video)

    GOP Senators Cotton, Wicker, Collins, and Graham Urge Joe Biden to Send Tactical Missile Systems to Ukraine: “Not Doing So Will Only Prolong the War”

    Ukraine Is Running Out Of Men As Hope Of Victory Fades

    Lawyer Who Won Epic Lawsuit Against New York State’s Draconian C**ID Camps Receives Standing Ovation for Her Oral Arguments in Lawsuit Appeal

    Former NBA Player Brandon Hunter Passes Away at 42 After Collapsing at Yoga Class


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