Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday [13 to 15]

Elevenses (to 1333).

15.  Late morn roundup

14.  Brian Cates

… was referring to the Paxton hit. The question was why the crims were hitting so hard … what was he doing so wrong, apart from the usual things people do?  BC suggests look closely at election fraud. Interesting that Bush and Soetoro should be so concerned.

13.  Not being Roman Catholic

… I don’t go all the places Ann Barnhardt does, and yet this does seem fairly universal:

As research on Diabolical Narcissism revealed, the demonic, murderous hatred that narcissists have for other people revolves around human beings who, unlike them, are capable of and have a massive capacity to love, and who experience all of those emotions which derive from love, including sadness and mourning, most especially the capacity to empathize and mourn for others. Diabolical Narcissists, by a free choice and movement of their will, have purged themselves of love, are thus incapable of empathy, and thus only experience the demonic emotional palate of anger, hatred, jealousy and fear. They invariably accuse people who experience normal emotions of being “needy”, “insecure”, self-absorbed”, “manipulative” and “emotional blackmailers”, and, ultimately, of being “crazy”. This is a species of gaslighting, a hallmark tactic of pathological narcissists.


  1. 13... If I remember right my first comment on N.O. was - 'Ann Barnhardt - Nice' --- I think maybe I was misunderstood ... I neglected to add the link...

  2. JH: That's very good. Meaning of nice.


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