Monday, September 18, 2023

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7.  TCW ... choose your own today

6.  Message to fellow ferreters, part two

c.  Sickness, illness. There is nothing remotely fanciful about the statement that they're trying to kill us ... Schwab two days ago and other henchmen said it plainly and openly ... reducing population to a "manageable" billion or so.  Guess whom they're not including in that, guess whom they are including? Guess who'd be in the first waves of culling, which demographics?

Good readers ... lettuce get it through our skulls what these bstds are not only doing now but have done now for some decades (Barnhardt reprised later). Pete supplied a video yesterday ... put that alongside the Neil O one I reposted and saved ... then put both of those beside Yuri Bezmenov and Svali. Even if you view nothing else, view those ... wake up to what's going down, carried out by Globopsycho, henchmen, myrmidons, karens in key fields, upon the normies and those who've woken up alike.

For example ... the cloud seeding, chemtrails ... where do you think the barium etc. fall? Are rained down? Yes ... water supply, land, atmosphere ... while they bellyache on about "protecting the environment" with windfarms, banning air travel, removing "fossil food" cars, culling luvestock, blighting grains.

How long is it going to bleedin' take us? Seriously?

They've already rolled out the new variant for winter 2023, and thus I have it. I was reading the symptoms they say ... throat, followed by stuffed uppedness in the head, followed by the rest. Fauci types have already published that they're trying to lab produce variants resistant to HCQ, Ivor's Mectin, presumably to zinc.

I read yesterday a tweet saying HCQ is essentially ineffective ... you see their game, the bstds? They're doing this ... why?  Money? Hatred for us?  It's utter bollox in my case ... HCQ hits it immediately, followed by the tonic and lozenges, keeping up the liquid and nutrients, staying warm, sleeping ... they hit it in 24 hours as a rule.  

But not always and this one I can feel now on Monday at 0825. One result is exhaustion ... you have it too ... abject weariness, operating on autopilot.

In my case, it always starts at one point in the throat ... same point every single time, after which it roams and proceeds to known weak points ... in my case I'm talking about, not yours ... everyone has his/her own reaction due to medical history, blood type etc. 

Mine as I've often said starts at that throat point, goes ear or eye or mouth, then stomach, then joints and the key point I remember arguing with techy readers and becoming exhausted arguing with them is that my body becomes ultrasensitive to radiation, such that it comes from screen or mouse through fingers and burns.

It only ever does this when I have the lurgy coming on. It always follows the same pattern in the early stages, then looks about for body weak points to exploit ... might be kneecaps, elbow, shoulder rotator cuff. Now I'm not arguing this with someone coming in, saying James, that's not technically possible. 

It IS effing technically possible, it does happen that way. Please don't quote anything at me about screens and radiation and it not being possible ... it DOES happen. End of. And I have it now.

Coming back to the political, such a sensitivity has obvious implications for blogging and for reading in order to blog (blue screen fever).  It's possible you have similar. Not just personal devices but forget not 5G and those chemtrails. Food additives not written on the packet.

Blogging obviously slows to a crawl ... this item alone has taken 33 minutes till 0836, whereas I'd have usually rattled it off in about 15 minutes. You do see the implications.

Nuff on this point, part three will be coming at some stage, when lucid. I'm in winter hoody and as snug as a bug in a rug, thanks, much liquid, food sufficient and thanks for asking ... hope you're ok too.

5.  MftWC too

a.  Military situation in [The] Ukraine on September 17, 2023 (Map Update)

b.  Lavrov, US waging war. WSJ, counter offensive rain delay. Sahel alliance. Kadyrov alive. U/1

c.  Russian army deals more blows to Kiev forces on the front (Videos)

c.  Battlefield Ukraine - Andreevka fell, 300,000 Russians joined the army. Largest NATO exercise - Levan Gudadze

d.  Russian army thwarts drone attacks on Crimea, Moscow & Voronezh

e.  What The US Will Learn, And Not Learn, From Its War In [The] Ukraine


  1. Realities of the ukrainian disaster (from helena):

  2. On the topic of IvorMT, if anyone would like info on getting some I've found a supplier who costs about 1/3 of anything else I've previously found online - I can drop a comment with details if required. (From India, took about 10 days).

  3. Digger

    Two things. Get yourself a piece of shungite and put it between you and your laptop/ipad/pc. It mitigates the radiation. Or put it in your pocket. Don't put it in your bedroom though as it could disturb your sleep. The real shungite comes from Russia. Look it up.

    Other thing - watch that Clif H video I left and start praying he and his co-host are wrong. Seeing more folks picking up on a similar sort of happening.

    Busy in real life with neighbours with declining health - ferrying back and forth to hospitals. Both of them jabbed at least 4 times. The kind of care they'll need soon is beyond our expertise but the penny hasn't dropped yet. Very sad.

  4. Look after yourself James, you're too precious to lose for even a day.

    I am rather concerned about the material from the apparent atmospheric spraying. Sine watching that film you posted here a few weeks ago I begin to wonder what sort of madmen would jepordize all life on this planet.

    1. Digger
      What sort of madmen? Psychopaths and sociopaths. No empathy or compassion and unable to see reason. They surround themselves with more of the same as security personnel.