Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday [4]

Covfefe now please.

4. A message for fellow ferreters, part one

Sometimes we have to get back to basics and if unwell (see Mon 6), it's not easy to do. A flood of thoughts cross the mind and here come some of them in no particular order (there'll be a part two):

a.  Everyone must learn to be his or her own citizen journo. The prime directive of anyone in the teaching world is not to protect the secrets, proprietorially, but to train anyone we meet how to ferret, teach skills as well as knowledge, teach how to find knowledge when concealed ... it has to become exponential so that as we fall by the wayside ourselves ... which we must, by definition, do, if only due to anno domini ... so others take up the necessity for first unlearning the demonic narrative, then learning anew the old western narrative ... industriousness, employment, marriage, family, home is our castle, no public filth and so it goes on ... rule of law, acknowledging the foundations of Christendom at a minimum, not the other horror cultures.

b.  Part of that task which every "stumble upon" must undertake, in order to save civilisation, is to approach with open mind, not a given by any means, judging by the a priori resistance to the concept of Christendom itself, for example, despite everything happening.  It includes the realisation that everything you can easily access to read is, by definition, narrative ...  slanted at a minimum, with vital points left out. 

A perfect example was Simone Gold asked to counter an MSM Woke hitpiece days ago and they presented both side by side ... the semblance of fair and balanced. Except it wasn't.  Not at all ... and she's suing. But look who the judges are in the case. Demrats. Look also at TDS today, item "a" about the BA pilot.  The rule of law is dead ... the rule of hegemony, of Woke narrative, or in Ann Barnhardt terms ... demonic narcissism ... rules.

More in part two, possibly this afternoon ... it depends on this lurgy (see Mon 6).

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